Worldly Shorties


Gotta getcha shorty on!

Faster than a Speeding Bullet Dept.

Like a hot! player with full game on – Pierre Cardin? (check) haute couture? (check) wad of – uh – cash – big enough to choke a horse? (check) killer ride? (check) Wicked promises of an entire evening of neverending tingly tingling on the tang tang? (check) – xforms into more like 6 uncomfortable minutes of gymnastics that delivers nothing! What, wait – that’s it?!!

News that violent violence has totally smitten the never ending forever quest for something something ‘Palestine” – HAMAS rejectionists (Izzy Deen al K’Ssam) fire off some state sponsored free lance rocketry and get bleeding smushed up by Little Satan’s deadly response.

Look for the double nom d’guerr’d Abbas/Mazen guy to jettison jankish jawflapping for peace over a Little Satan Apartment Complex (with coed swimming pool!)

Breach of Faith Dept.

One of the key tenets of wicked Realism and the ammoral, corrupt cult of stability’s ‘Realpolitik’ in l’ era moderne is a Palestine/Little Satan 2 State Illusion will magically blossum into peace, love and happiness the world over.

Oh Snap!! An amazing refudiation by Realpolitik’s 2nd Best Apologist of one of realpolitik’s crucial caches and the ammoral, corrupt cult of stability’s ancient avatars of realism that may have Baker, Brzezinski, Scowcroft and certain elements of the Iraq Study Guys whirling in their dotage.

No surprise! Like divine daemoneoconic avatars psychically predicted eons past, seriously thinking people are 80% neocons – even if they don’t know it!

Uncle Smitty Dept

A bevy of beauties, a host of hotness and sexyful diplopolititay commentary enlightened via Uncle Smitty with detailed deets and shout outs to Uncle Theo, AmPow and yours truly – and that’s only the first half!

Pic “Worldly Shorties” with GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD

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