A world full of stupid

search termsOne interesting thing about a having a blog with such a variety of content is the interesting search terms that can lead people here. Often, it’s just mundane searches such as: “conference expansion” or “Obama’s road signs“. Every now and then there are bizarre and/or funny search terms. One of those would be the aforementioned “a world full of stupid“, which is probably the most appropriate description of this site one could come up with. Sometimes it seems more like a declarative statement than any sort of query such as: “The West is loosing the battle with Islam“. In some instances, I’m not really sure if they are trying to find me or are just saying something about me: “KrAzY3 Yahoo“. The terms often just express a general sentiment, using such search terms as: “m night shyamalan is done with avatar“, “m night shyamalan jerk“, and “shyamalan down hill“.

At times I am absolutely confused by a search term until I actually find out what it was referring to. For instance, “funnel like fins in a boiler“, is referring to this post by Chaos: What would MacGyver do? Sometimes it is as simple as someone agreeing with me, for instance: “I hate vuvuzelas“. One of the more insightful search terms came when: “drawing of camel that looks like some rubbish guy has drawn it” led to this horrible (in almost every sense of the word) Mohammed stick figure that I “drew” in 2006. Sometimes it is obvious that copy and paste is being used, for instance: “A guy walks around with a puppet of a beaver on his hand and treats it like a living creature” and “sister hits moose on way to visit sister who hit moose“.

In many ways, Google controls our perception of the internet. Google gives us suggestions as to what to search for, chooses which pages it wants to display, and of course sells the prime real estate to the highest bidder. My brother has completely given up on his address bar, choosing instead to use the Google search tab even if he types in the full URL. How does Google shape our way of thinking though? The search terms are often fragmented and not entirely coherent; “usa hosed“, “mohammed facebook“, “muhammad camel“, or “perfect game steroids“. Search engines are a major part of many people’s lives. For now, we define the search terms, how long before the search defines us?

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