Why We Won on Draw Mohammad Day

Previously 12 cartoons had resulted in cartoons that prompted embassy burnings, death threats and murders, all of which had a significant chilling effect on the free press of the West. Now, after Draw Mohammad Day, there are over 12000 cartoons, and the Islamic world has been shown to be essentially toothless. The best that they could do was shut down parts of the Internet for Pakistan (a country where it is still possible to get executed for blasphemy). A short sighted mover as they cannot expect to integrate into the modern world without embracing the internet. That was it…. they were shown to be powerless on the internet…. there were no embassies to burn, no product they could refuse to buy. They were confronted with the proposition that Sharia Law does not apply on the internet, and that if they try to enforce it, or threaten to kill people, they will get served. Through Draw Mohammad Day, the wake up call of the internet age has been heard in the Islamic world, and once they have accepted that they do not get to dictate the rules to the rest of the world, and have accepted free speech…. then there is the possibility for rational discussion. The victory was won by those who acted, and in spite of those who tried to undermine it.

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