We are lean and athirst!

So it seems the legendary asylum has risen from the ashes the live again, just as the great Phoenix once did – and not the Phoenix where they are currently shipping out Hispanics by the busload either, although if current attitudes remain consistent then the analogy might just become brutally appropriate!  However as we see here, Krazy has assembled the finest minds that 2001 has to offer and brought us forth into a scary, dark and twisted future filled with such horrors as Justin Beiber, Facebook, extinction of honey bees and there’s even a negro in the Whitehouse!  It’s not all bad, though, as there have been advancements such as broadband internet, cell phones that do everything (and I do mean everything), legal online movies, and there’s even a negro in the Whitehouse!  So we proudly go forth into this brave new era with an intrepid spirit, perfectly captured (as only he can) by  William Shatner’s interpretation of King Henry The Fifth.

So, dear friends, what’s new that’s worth discussing?  Disastrous oil spill?  Iran nuclear program?  Impending global financial meltdown?  Naaaah… here’s something worthy of mention: 16 year old annoyance Miley Cyrus gave Adam Shankman, a 44 year old man, a lap dance. I guess a video of this debauchery has leaked out somewhere or something. The act itself is not really surprising in the least.  What caught my attention was her father’s reaction to it, which was “That’s just what girls her age do.”  Really?  And I guess that’s what men that age do, too: let young, almost nubile high school chicks bounce their butt around in their lap. YouTube, by the way, reveals that the top two demographics watching the video are 13-17 year old females and 35-44 year old males.  Great job, society!

So I see that the government finally killed Limewire… there’s a decision that was about 8 years too late. I wasn’t even aware that this software was still around… and speaking of blasts from the past, someone thinks it’s a good idea to turn Napoleon Dynamite into an animated series.  Don’t worry though, it’s on FOX so it will be canceled immediately following it’s debut.

Shat’s trying to pass a tripod off as a laser gun.  Seriously.

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    Chaos came in and asked me what I was laughing about…

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