‘Wax v. The Trainman’ The FINAL Wax project

So I’ve been writing and recording this EP for the better part of 2010 while also getting other parts of my life in order.  The mixing is pretty much complete, I’ll be getting my dude Trips’ verse for “Without Us Here” and then it’s going to be available at LacoreRecords.com for free download.

Some people are wondering why I’m calling this the last WAX project?  One word: Evolution.

This will also be the last free album from Lacore Records.  Over the last 2 years we’ve released quite a few free downloads from our camp and now everything will be strictly available for hard copy purchase.  I will bundle up both TERROR CAMPAIGN and WAX V. THE TRAINMAN as one solid album back to back with 2-3 bonus tracks thrown in the mix.

Finally, I want to give a shout to my dude Krazy, who over the years has shown his support for the Underground community.  It’d be an easier way of life if there were 200 with a similiar love for the UG.  Pz-Wax aka IK4F

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    I made the link clickable, (easy to do in visual mode), so people can go easily check out the site. I’m not sure people realize, but the guy who runs Lacore was actually the first official Rydas Records producer. He produced McNastee’s “So Cold Inside”, which was McNastee’s most popular track at the time. You should definitely go check the site out, free music, it looks great and most importantly I endorse them! Heh…

    Yeah, Wax, I remember thinking the same thing about Psycho-D. If I just had several more people like that… People like Psycho-D and AMKR are absolutely integral to underground scenes thriving. There always needs to be other guys, guys promoting, guys making artwork, all kinds of shit and a lot of times people only see one aspect. For instance, they hear “So Cold Inside” and don’t think of anyone other than McNastee even though it took a few people to bring that track about.

    It is worth noting that the underground is the sum of its parts, the ability for people to work together and cooperate. This doesn’t mean everyone should collab with any kid with a computer mic, or that you have to promote someone because they have a Myspace page. It does mean the scene will greatly benefit from treating each other right and remembering that no matter how hard they try, they can’t do it all completely on their own.

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    Peace Wax, I should also mention my epic feature on Triple 9’s “Post Traumatic” was a dope album.


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