Vanilla Ice Stole My Gum!

I put up a Vanilla Ice Stole My Gum page, because he’s that friggin’ awesome! If you want more, go there and revel in the hilarious insanity that is Vanilla Ice Stole My Gum. Rather than reiterate my introduction on the page, I’ll just quote one of his posts:

ICEMAM? Oookay… Puff Daddy DOES want to play the scarecrow in “The Wiz.” Vanilla wants to play Glinda the good witch, and he’s been making alterations to his waitress outfit for the part. Vanilla iz kicking azz? Who’s azz could Vanilla pozzibly kick? Gary Coleman could kick Vanilla’z azz. Woody Allan could kick Vanilla’z azz. Hell, the freakin’ Teletubbiez could probably kick Vanilla’z azz. As for me, I don’t give a zhit who kickz Vanilla’z azz…I juzt want my gum back. ***VANILLA ICE AND GILBERT GODFRIED ARE THE ZAME PERZON!!!***

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  1. Posted September 18, 2010 at 3:48 am Permalink

    I still remember where I was when I read the Connie Chung entry.


  2. Posted September 20, 2010 at 12:35 am Permalink

    He’s a memorable guy. No wonder Jimmy Kimmel invited him to be on after seeing him on VH1’s Obsessed. Too bad Shoebox couldn’t make it…

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