True defenders of liberty…

I never thought we would owe a debt to a group of artists. To be completely frank, in terms of contributions to society artists are near the bottom. They might inspire or entertain us but generally they don’t really produce much of anything. Try eating a painting or using a song to hammer a nail. I say this as someone that’s spent more than his fair share of the time on the non-productive end of the spectrum. Music, art, movies, and the like entertain us, divert us and might make us feel food but they simply don’t do a good job of feeding us or providing for our basic needs.

Yet, a group of artists/entertainers happen to be the at the for front of fighting for our freedom. We now live in a world in which angering radicals is a concern. Bravery is a thing of the past, or something best left to soldiers. The rest of us will cower in silence and try to make sure we don’t offend anyone that might wish us harm. What does is say of our cowardice that a group of European artists and the South Park guys are the ones we have to rely on? What does it say about us?

Well, while I ponder that here’s a link about a attack on a Swedish artist:
Swedish artist attacked during free-speech lecture

Along those lines, apparently “Draw Mohammed Day” has been called off. I will try to observe the day anyway and at least one guy hasn’t completely wussed out.

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