To hell with them all

No pictures, nothing fancy looking, just a rant. I saw video of this quote today: “I don’t think you want me to waste my time to read every page of the health care bill.“. This was from Max Baucus regarding the mammoth 2,000+ page health care bill that Baucus helped author! It’s screwed up enough that most of the politicians that voted for the bill never read it (did anyone?), but this is one of the people that supposedly wrote it and even he didn’t read it. How in the bloody hell does a politician know what they’re passing if they haven’t read it? How in the hell can you write something without reading it? At best, it becomes a translation once you allow others to author it? How can you tell if the intent is retained if you don’t verify it?

These fucking morons passed a bill without knowing what it was in it, or even who wrote the damned monstrosity. It comes as no surprise that we are constantly finding out hidden and utterly fucked up tidbits in this miasma. It shouldn’t even warrant consideration that an author of a bill might not have read his supposed work. It should go without saying that politicians read what they are voting on. The Constitution and Bill of Rights was 6 pages. 6 PAGES!!!. Yet, these bacteria for brains sons of bitches think they’re entitled to inflict thousands of pages of mystery documentation upon us?

The health care bill was 400 times longer and sought to tear apart much of what the American Constitution stands for. I’m holding out faith that the much wiser and more competent people who authored those original documents were able to withstand even the barrage of a team of evil lawyers armed with a entire dead tree’s worth of assaults on our freedoms. They have attempted to tear apart what greatness remains in this country. I wish upon those that authored (who ever they actually are) and voted for this bill and bills like it every Chinese curse known to man. I wish upon them a sentence in hell that does not end until they read (and understood) in every language that has ever existed, every single word of ever single piece of legislation they ever voted on.

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