This is why I don’t have kids…

After pushing his 82-year-old mother out of a rocking chair, choking her and then shoving her down the basement stairs, Michael Ray Mertz had an item to attend to before calling 911.

Mertz, an unemployed 57-year-old, stepped over his mom – who he’d lived with for more than three years – and walked to his bedroom. He stepped over her again as he went out the back door.

Just before the incident, Mertz’s mom had accused her son of swindling her. He responded by throwing three $100 bills at her while saying he didn’t need her money, Marlys Mertz later told police.

Now Mertz also faces a perjury charge, accused of not listing the cash among his assets when he applied and received a state-paid attorney to defend him in the assault that broke his mother’s hip and ribs and dislocated her shoulder.

You can read the whole story here:

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