The USA got hosed

I suppose on one hand, this should not be a issue. In any sport, if you are the stronger team you’re expected to go out there and win soundly. If it’s close enough to complain about a single call, then the team made a huge mistake. In the other hand, America’s comeback in their World Cup match again Slovenia was quite a accomplishment. Now, I don’t really like predicting outcomes based on single calls. My calling Galarraga’s one hitter, a perfect game was the exception. In that case, it was the final out, it was obviously a perfect game and a blown call doesn’t change reality. In this case, the USA’s goal would have been the winning goal, was in the 84th minute and as such it’s fairly accurate to say they should have won the game. Now, there were some iffy calls, but that happens a lot. The issue I have is with the goal being called off. Instead of a win, it’s a tie and that dramatically changes things for both Slovenia and the United States.

No one, not the announcers, coaches, players, no matter their nationality could figure out what the ref called a foul. It’s the classic phantom call, blow off the scoring goal for what exactly? No one can even make a guess at it because if anything it looks like the USA might have been fouled. Apparently the referee wouldn’t even provide a explanation to the players (finally, a while after the game, the ref apparently says it was Edu, the one who scored the goal, that committed a foul). That’s the type of thing I can’t stomach. If you’re going to call off a goal, you’d better know what you called and you’d better be able to explain exactly what it was you saw. The ref couldn’t explain himself immediately afterward, perhaps the vuvuzelas have driven the referee mad? That’s now how any sport is supposed to work and it’s not acceptable, this is what you get when you bring in someone from Mali that’s never called a World Cup game. It’s about as good a idea as hosting this in South Africa. Then again, we have to give the little guys a chance, right? It doesn’t matter if they are competent or not. Anyway, you make the call:

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