The Scuds Of Hiz’B'Allah

Oh Snap! Conflicting signals of conflict are conflicting the ME. Hot! gossip that Little Satan’s spy drones have been co opted for Hiz’B'Allah benefit is just the tip of the tongue bay bee!

Little Satan’s “…strategic planners paint a future for the Middle East as one that is shifting rapidly as a result of the introduction of advanced weaponry, refined tactics by non-state military forces, unstable governments and the strengthening of what has been dubbed the “radical axis.”

Now comes deets that those Hiz’B”Allah Scud D missiles (think a V2 Rocket – no guidance – they really are dumb!) have moved from Syria into Leb.

Several storage sites for these rockets in Syria belong to Hizballah.

With the transfer of weapons has also gone a steady stream of intelligence that concerns officials here.

Inshallah! Axis of Evil’s recent War Council gets real with Scud missiles in the bloody hands of rocket rich rejectionists led by the overtly robust and girthy Body Part Collector General.

Get your game on now for the Indirect Approach!

“That’s where Syria transferred some Scud-Ds to Hezbollah,” he says. “Some stayed in the swap zones in Syria and others went to depots in Lebanon. But while everybody is concerned about the Scuds, they are no more problematic than the M600 missiles.”

Russia has supplied intelligence to Syria, and the intel-sharing between Syria, Hezbollah and Iran is huge, say analysts here.

“The J-2 [intelligence organization] of the Lebanese military is totally penetrated by Hezbollah,” says the senior Israeli official.

“There are 130 Shiite villages [in southern Lebanon] that provide firing sites for short- and medium-range rockets. They have a concept of operations completely separate from the Lebanese army. There are at least 22 weapon storage sites and 13 command-and-control or headquarters locations.

Pic “Scud Ho” – GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD

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  1. Posted August 11, 2010 at 7:43 am Permalink

    Gotta love how virtually every screwed up regime has an ally in Russia.

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