The end of America…

I’m so goddamned sick of everyone in this country refusing to take responsability for themselves. Democracy does not work when this shit starts. Nobody blames themselves for their problems and because of it the system suffers. Democracy, when broken down to it’s simplist form, is a popularity contest. What that means is these bastard politicians must sell themselves like the whores that they are to the majority of the population. OR the majority of the VOTING population. And a little known fact is that when you register for welfare, you are also made to register to vote. Remember that fact for later.

Where the fuck am I going with this? I’ll tell you. A study published yesterday from our fine US government indicated that children from low income families do poorly in school. This study concludes that the blame should be placed on the income of the family. BULLSHIT

The money has JACK SHIT to do with the performance of these children. What is does have to do with is the fact that their parents don’t have their lives together and, thus, don’t take take an active part in their child’s education. That’s exactly what the fuck it is.

But politicians can’t say that. Why? Because these low income, welfare scum suckers are exactly the people these politicians are luring to the polls each election year. Those people wouldn’t like it if somebody came out and told the truth and said “Well, get your life together, help your kid, and then maybe he would do better in school!” No, these politicians have careers to think about before they can think about the good of the country. Uncle Sam loves these people because they are dependent upon the government to live. The US Government is slowly making us ALL dependent upon them to live.

Why?? WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK??? If we have to have them, we can’t very well stand up for ourselves when they decide to, oh let’s say, decide that all guns should be illegal except for law enforcement and military officers. We couldn’t do shit about it. And when this shit starts, Democracy is dead, and Socialism/Totalitarianism/Communism can and will spawn. When the people of America are abusing the system with not only the approval, but with the help of politicians, Democracy cannot and will not stand.

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