The Call

This past Wednesday I went to lunch with two friends. One I used to work with at the Police Department and the other I met through the first. I have been severely depressed since I was laid off and all of the other aforementioned events. Try as I might, I could not hide this fact from anyone who really knows me. I went through the lunch date the best that I could, answering questions, smiling when appropriate and nodding when I was told that I would be called back to work.

These two ladies, being my friends were onto my act and called me shortly after this date to tell me to keep my head up. I “yea yea’d” them and went home. Once home, I had nothing important to do, so I decided to take a nap.

So there I was, napping to avoid my depression from being laid off when my big ol’ dog woke me up for no reason.

Naturally, I was pissed. Depression makes me pissed, being woken up makes me pissed, and someone (including a dog being in my face,) makes me pissed. I shooed him away (AKA shoved his 70 lb. ass off the bed only to have him jump back up, but leave me alone,) when my phone rang. It was 3:37pm.

I got up and got my phone off the TV stand/ dresser thing, looked at the number, didn’t recognize it and didn’t answer. I laid down and ignored the call, figuring that if it was important, there would be a voicemail. After a few minutes, there was no voicemail, so I drifted back to sleep.

After a few more minutes, there WAS a voicemail. Half conscious, I thought, this is a long ass voicemail and looked again at the number. The first six digits, (including area code,) made me think that perhaps this call came from my previous employer, the one who laid me off and I had a feeling, a good one.

I was excited as I dialed *86 and keyed in my PIN. Then I heard the voice of the woman from Human Resources telling me blah blah blah “come back to work” blah blah blah “I leave at 4pm.” Literally, that is all I heard. My first thought was: “Really lady, a 20 minute call back time frame?” Then I thought who the hell cares?!?!? I called her back immediately to hear her tell me that they hoped I could come to work the very next day, but that they understood if I could not. I told her that I would most definitely be there and I was.

My probation was extended 3 months, because of some baloney that happened on the day that I got laid off, where they told me that I was ordered to work 4 hours OT after my shift.  I told the Lieutenant that I wasn’t feeling well.  I never said that I was going to go home.  Nonetheless, when I returned to the station, he was visibly upset and had a sick time form for me to fill out.  The reason I was at the station on that day at that time, is because my friend/partner and co-worker spent a lot of her hard earned money to throw a little party for me on my last day.  I couldn’t enjoy that now.  Apparently I had to go home sick immediately, because I said “I’m not feeling well.”

I took the form and stormed down to the lunch room to “enjoy” pizza, where my coworkers were eating.  Many of them telling me “I can’t believe you’re ordered on your last day,” “that is total bullshit.”  None of them however, were stepping up to say: “I WILL WORK THESE FOUR HOURS FOR YOU.”  Needless to say, It was my party and I would “mother fuck” if I wanted to.  It was a disaster.

I went back to the command office and the Lt. wanted to talk to me.  Basically gave me a lecture about how bad it would look if I went home sick after being ordered, because NO ONE EVER DOES THAT and he KNOWS that I’m NOT SICK.  I’m SO SURE.  Nevermind the fact that the only reason this overtime was generated is because the guy (below me in seniority, also laid off) CALLED IN SICK ON HIS LAST DAY!

I wound up blowing up on my Lieutenant.  I mother fucked everything this side of California, said “FUCK IT, I’LL JUST STAY” crumpled the sick time form and threw it in his face.  I later apologized, sincerely and everything was nice nice.  A coworker (fiance’ of the party thrower) had no idea what had taken place and told me that he would take the time for me.  A kind gesture.  I laer also learned that my Lieutenant had called someone from the union to ask if he was allowed to work for me, but was denied.  Also, a kind gesture.

Meanwhile, the fuck who caused all the drama, because “I went to the lay off meeting and didn’t sleep afterward, so I had to call in” ( LIKE THAT IS ANYONE ELSE’S FUCKING PROBLEM.) Does not have his job back, while I have mine.  Extended probation or non.

Unrelated, the same week I got my job back I checked my mail and found a piece addressed to my cockhole of an ex that obviously had a credit card in it.  He for some reason cannot change his mailing address and has been waiting for a Capital One card for a few months.  I texted him to tell him that his card has arrived.  He told me that he was relieved to hear that, because of the amount of time that has passed and that he has been worried about it.  I texted back: “I will open it to make sure that is what it is.”

I opened it and then texted again: “This is not a Capital One card.  This is a Helzberg Diamonds card.  Anything you need to tell me?”  He responds: “lol, It’s not a ring if that’s what you think.”  Then he texts again: ” I bought Terra a bracelet for a wedding we went to.”  To which I responded: “Oh, that was nice.  I remember all of the jewelry you bought me never.  Especially after a month of dating.  I’m sure that’s normal though.”  To which he responded: “Totally normal :)

So….. He PURPOSELY sent that card to my address, because he had to have put MY address on the application.  Obviously, he wanted me to know and care, which I do not.  I mean, I do in the fact that it amuses me, but the sociopath in me could give a fuck less who he is buying tacky jewelry for.  And I only assume this jewelry is tacky, because I have seen this “Terra’s” facebook.  What a dickbag.  I’m so glad to be free and have no idea wtf I was thinking, because he truly contributed nothing to my life.

End of story.  About a week later the ex and I had a text convo.  I don’t really recall much of what was in it, but I know it ended by my saying: “So, you want to come to MY house, with the girl that you cheated on me with, in the car that I gave you to pick up MY dog?”  He never answered, but I’ll be damned if that mother fucker didn’t show up at my door to take the dog to the dog park.  I hope he enjoyed it, because that is that last time.

Kudos if you made it this far.  Peace out.

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  1. Posted September 27, 2010 at 10:34 am Permalink

    Hey, I know how bad being out of work for long feels. Congrats. John

  2. Chaos
    Posted September 27, 2010 at 2:56 pm Permalink

    I wanna know what it feels like!

  3. Posted September 28, 2010 at 7:13 am Permalink

    I’m glad to finally read the end of the story and I’m also glad you have your job back.

    Chaos, just keep forgetting to take the gun out of the car…

  4. Chaos
    Posted September 28, 2010 at 10:08 am Permalink

    Yeah, that might get me a few off days….

  5. yaydog
    Posted September 28, 2010 at 4:30 pm Permalink

    Thanks, I am glad to have it back too. Very nice to feel like a real person again. Chaos, trust me, you do NOT want to know what that felt like. Had I known it would be a 37 day break, it would have been some wonderful and enjoyed time off. Not knowing however, was the worst.

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