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Time MachineFor those of you that haven’t visited the about page, The Asylum existed in previous forms. To break down around a decade of intermittent existence, the time line was something like this; Editorials/Blog/Forum/Blog. While most of you couldn’t care less, this place does make more sense if you understand it’s origins.

I’ve been going through some old content. It’s somewhat remarkable that after a decade, four people who wrote editorials have made an appearance in this current iteration of The Asylum. Looking back at some of the things I wrote, frankly I’m embarrassed. However, I have a strong sense of nostalgia and I think it’s important to revisit things we’ve said and done. Here is something I wrote about equality almost exactly ten years ago. In my teenage years, almost anything I wrote was an atrocious rant (not that I’ve improved). Please keep that in mind if you take the time to read it.


I’m all for equality,more so than 90% of all people that think they are for it. Because no one seems to understand what equality means. What it’s intended to do. Gender equality,equal right ,etc… What are they trying to achieve? In theory it’s supposed to give,a person of any race,sex,or creed,the same chances. In other words,eliminate all bias,and in doing that give them all the same opportunities.

Has our society come close to true equality?Hell no!As a matter of fact a lot of the moronic attempts at making things equal,through being unequal have helped create two very bias factions. One,are the bias which have created problems for years,thinking that sex or race makes some one inherantly less qualified. But the other politically correct class are making things far worse,because not only do the promote being unequality,but they claim to do it in the name of equality!

Affirmative action,is a excellent example. It’s based on the premise that,minorities will be discriminated against,so it forces employers to hire a certain amout of people based ONLY on their race. Ok,let’s think about this,we want to get rid of racism,so let’s be racist? WHAT THE FUCK????Not only does it encourage racism in that respect,but it leaves a class of people that are not hired,because despite their superior qualifications,their where not a minority and are unemployed. Now,while that is not a just reason to be racist,it does promote animosity.

So let’s review,thanks for Affirmative Action,you have a public institution that promotes racism,a group of people that know they are simply part of a quota,and another group of people that even if they had better qualifications are unemployed,and bitter because they wheren’t part of a quota. So,that’s a great example of morons trying to make things equal,and in doing so promoting racism. I would like to congradulate every stupid,fucking moron that helped that happen.

Race isn’t the only thing that equality is a major issue concerning. The story I read today was based on gender equality. It was about a group of people quite upset that 5 boys where on a team in the Little League Softball World Series. The very ironic thing about this is the fact that the same people so outraged about this,where pushing to get equal rights for female athletes. And when a group of boys dared to demand the same rights,they are outraged. They never wanted equality,they wanted to be given a ADVANTAGE.

Let’s being with discussing so called Men’s sports and divisions. We now have the WNBA right??We had the NBA though didn’t we? It wasn’t called the MNBA,BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER ONLY FOR MEN!! IT WAS FOR ANYONE QUALIFIED TO COMPETE!!There have been females that played before I might add,but very few have the size or skill to compete with the males. So,a all female league was made and the same people talk about equality?Want to be paid as much?? The fact is that ANY female with the skill to compete at the NBA,NFL,MLB,NHL,etc will be allowed to compete IF THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Do you know why?? Because they want to win. If a female can help them win,then they would jump at the chance.

So basically in sports it is based on a equal oppurtunity,because it’s about WHO IS BEST. But,females have created inferior leagues in which they can compete,that’s fine,BUT DON’T COME TO ME TALKING ABOUT BEING EQUAL. I can’t compete in college/pro level male athletic events. But I have competed on a superior level with females that where near the college/pro female level. But, I’m not asking to be able to compete in these inferior female leagues,all I’m asking is that they stop trying to change the top level leagues (which as far as I know have been receptive to change against bias,whether it’s sexual,or race related),and ask for equality. If you want equality let the men compete in these all female leagues also. Otherwise shut the fuck up!

That isn’t the only example of sexual bias. Let me throw in the job related shit. If you work at a job at a strip club, or hooters,where qualifications are HOW ATTRACTIVE TO MALES YOU ARE,then of course a male can’t have the same qualifications. But,let me think about one,being a fireman. That’s a good example,females deserve to have a chance to work there. And that’s what feminists said. But!!!! They decided it was male bias,the said no female could carry a 160 lbs dummy down a ladder,(ohhh look they are BIAS!!!) so instead they let them carry two 80 lbs dummys seperately. So,if you get the female fireman that got in with the help of those dumbass feminist morons,make sure she doesn’t cut you in fucking half! If they could perform the job as well as the males,more power to em,and if they can’t what the fuck are they doing putting peoples lives at risk?

Ok,this was my rambling editorial. I hope you can see what I intended. Don’t you dare try to make things unequal so they can be equal,that defeats the purpose.

08.13.00 – KrÅzY †³

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