Tax dollars at work

California is having massive budget problems. On an unrelated note, a $578,000,000 school is unveiled in Los Angeles. On another completely unrelated note, the district has a shortfall of $640,000,000. The school comes complete with murals, marble memorial, swimming pool, and public park. This will be the most expensive public school in American history. The school district’s blame for high costs? Government regulations and union workers. They also wrote this semi-literate statement:

The construction of these schools was funded by bond money the voters approved to build new schools to relieve serous [sic] overcrowding in schools… By law, these funds could not be used to fund teacher salaries or to back fill budget shortfalls currently being experienced by the District and its [sic] meets the Board goal of relieving overcrowding in all our schools.

What the hell do I say? There will be 4,200 students in this K-12 school. That comes out to 323 new students a year. This means that in 50 years, assuming 0 costs for maintenance or improvements, they will have spent $35,789 per hypothetical student, simply for the facilities. They nearly could have purchased houses for what it costs to provide facilities for a student through the course of school. Something about that doesn’t make any damn sense to me.

This is why you do not let people vote to spend your money.

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