So what if it’s the off season? College (American) football update!

I’m a huge college football fan, so just bear with me…

Michigan announced their own punishment for their NCAA violations. Michigan admitted to violations, but only saw fit to dock themselves a total of 130 practice hours and two quality-control staffers. In the world of the NCAA, which likes taking away wins, bowl eligibility, and scholarships that’s basically like saying robbing a bank should get you a week in prison. Not that it matters, keeping Rich around is punishment enough…

The college football landscape is littered with people talking about potential conference expansions and realignments. This matters because it’s one of the few times the top conferences are talking expansion, which means every other conference is fair game. When even the Big 12 is at risk of being looted, you know things could get crazy. Even winners and losers won’t be immediately apparent, as big money grabs will be made, competetive balances could be altered and it could take years to sort all this out.

May be I just made this topic to post this (the University of Alabama has love for Tech N9ne):

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  1. Chaos
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    Roll Tide!!!!

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