Since the golf-fire story was already posted, here’s my News story

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – A fire that damaged an Arkansas home wasn’t caused by an electrical problem, burning food or arson.

Instead, an insurance investigator concluded, the dead plants did it. A report summary given to homeowner Brian Duncan stated that the fire was “caused by self-heating through decomposition of organic materials” in a flowerpot. Or, in layman’s terms, the flowers spontaneously combusted.

He says his wife had planned on repotting the flowers that were on the porch, but she never got around to it and they eventually died. No one was injured in the July 25 blaze, and a family member was able to put it out even before firefighters arrived.

You can read the whole story here. Please pay particular attention to the caption of the picture : Old flower pots are seen in this file photo. (SXC). I’m glad they told us, I would have never figured it out otherwise.

To find out more about spontaneous combustion, you can click here.

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