The Pope has been and gone

The U.K was recently gripped with Pope fever… the holy one blessed us with his prescence and the whole country seemingly fawned and bowed to his greatness. The trip was a farce IMO and I’m not sure when the last time was that I was so frickin wound up. As he’s a head of state (The Vatican) – we (me included) paid 7 million quid for his visit; that’s well over 10 million US bux. Mostly for security, it would seem. Why would this blessed old man need security? you may ask. Well, truth be told – and when dealing with religion; ‘truth’ is often something buried so deep that you may as well quit trying to uncover it – Pope Benedict XVI is a criminal and an ex-nazi (whether it was through choice or not, not being the point: a nazi is a nazi is a nazi). He instructed the cover-up of years and years of child abuse directly and so, harboured paedophiles. He came onto national TV here in Britain and ‘apologised’ for the child abuse and the cover-up… almost like a kid who apologises once caught but who never had any intention of coming clean should word never have gotten out. It is said that stories leaked of the horrors, through Catholics lower down the ranks who could not believe the sheer scale of abuse and lack of justice.

There was even talk, from some more bold than I, of arresting him upon his arrival. If this had occured then I’d have been more proud than ever, to be British… something that’s increasingly hard to do! Down with the criminal Pope, organised religion and every single person who came out and clapped for him while he trundled through our streets in his bullet-proof ‘pope-mobile’. Spread the word.

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Shadow Dance

I just visited the USA and stopped in Chicago to shoot a video for a song of mine called ‘Shadow Dance’. The video was directed and produced by Graham Baclagon, see his site HERE and was a success all round. The original producer of the song is remixing the track as I write this and we’re likley to do a big push on the newer version of the song but for now, enjoy the original and the video also. Watch online at my site Ralph Watson TV or right here below…

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Coming to America

I’m setting off in a few hours for Chicago via Paris… I can’t wait to get there. I love seeing new places but HATE the journey. One day teleportation will be real and these trips will be easy! I’m shooting a video in Chicago before going onto LA and then onto Vegas for 3 nights before hitting San Diego and TJ, Mexico. I have done a similar trip before and at every step; was impressed and in awe of the sheer scale and magnitude of everything. I’ll no doubt be tweeting pictures from the trip; my twitter is HERE and I’ll hopefully post up some GeoTagged images from the shoot – viewable at
OK, best wishes to all and if you see a bald Englishman walking by, be sure to say hi

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We Europeans just hate American cars… you only have to watch an episode of Top Gear to hear of anything American slated to high heaven. It’s true that for years, the Germans simply made better luxury cars; better built, better materials. The Italians made better sports cars, faster, more beautiful, better handling. The Japanese made better everyday cars, more reliable, economical, better built. The Brits, well…

Yank cars just never cut it; at least in the eyes of Europeans – and maybe in the eyes of Americans, more recently, too. The fall of the American motor industry is a sad story, especially given that some of the most bold cars and designs came from the US of A.

I recently needed a car that would serve me well as a daily driver – but I wanted something that was a bit rare and could raise eyebrows. To me, American cars often look the most awesome; my dad always wanted a Corvette and I’ve always had an affection for Vette’s; probably from watching the A-Team and seeing Face’s white ride. These last few years, I’ve loved the Chrsyler concepts; the Firepower (which never made it to production (oh so close, though!) and the Crossfire – which did make it to production. Based entirely on an old Mercedes SLK and with 90% of it’s DNA German, the Crossfire’s outer styling was basically the only thing that the Americans got to tinker with… I test drove so many cars; TT, Boxster, BMW 1 Series, and more… They were all reliable everyday ’sports’ cars but being a dime a dozen, did nothing for me; my loins did not stir. I remembered seeing the original Crossfire concept and thinking WOW, so proceeded to hunt one down here in the UK… they are rare. I eventually found one in mint condition and now, in a car that costs less than a used 05′ Honda Civic, I get people walking up to me asking ‘who makes that!?’ I’ve literally been followed by other drivers only for them to ask ‘what is it?’. In a local pub car park, it turned more heads than an Aston Martin parked a few bays away. Funny how perceptions work… Top Gear slated the car for being an old Merc dressed in loud American garments. The German press was more kind. In any case, because of the way it looks, it was pitted against many true blue sports cars – it was never going to fare well.

A car that was born from a short lived and awkward relationship between Chrysler and European car giants, Mercedes. Chrysler went from, once, owning Lamborghini to being owned by Fiat… oh, how the tables have turned.

I’m not sure why American cars are viewed the way they are outside of America but there are fans over here. Some of the most avid fans you’ll ever meet, actually. You can count me as one. As for my Crossfire; how can you go wrong with ancient Mercedes mechanicals and a shit load of American flair?!

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Soccer (football’s) Lost Boys

Sad stories… CurrentTV video on the dark side of football in Africa. Bogus agents, ‘merchants of hope’ take money from poor families with promises of fame and fortune in Europe – abandoned, some will be foced into drugs and prostitution. LINK

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Obama on HipHop…

This is why you can’t help but like this guy… the last part of the video about the genre, generally, being a rearview mirror is quite on the money. Must’ve been a long time back as he’s addressed as senator.

The comments on YouTube would have you believe that he only mentions Jay and Kanye as they’re all illuminati… but that’s a whole different blog post.

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Comedy beats all…

Comedy has long been a tool to break barriers and heal wounds. In America, the early black stand-up comics used their platform as a way to diffuse hatred and shatter stereotypes (or poke fun at the stereotypes usually).

Britain has an issue with militant Islam. A lot of terrorist activity has roots in England and very often from Muslims born in the U.K. Once again, we see comedy taking a stab at diffusing the obvious barrier and lack of discourse; two new British films are paving the way for apparently more in the same vein. One of which is ‘Infidel’; about a devout Muslim who finds out that he was adopted at birth and is actually Jewish. The other is a small budget film called ‘Four Lions’ – a play on words, no doubt, with reference to the England football team’s logo of three lions. It’s been getting rave reviews and it could set the tone for a new era in the media’s involvement with Islamic terrorism.

See the full and official trailer here:

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This took a French studio six years (or so I heard). Very clever and bags of talent will have had to go into this…

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British Democracy

So… as is often the case with modern politics the world over; little makes sense of the current situation in Britain – here we have a prime minister, Gordon Brown; the leader of the county who was never voted into power by the public – he was simply next in line at Tony Blair’s Labour party for the position… now having just had a general election, and losing out to the Conservative Party / David Cameron – he is still Prime Minister. HMMMM; democracy at it’s best, no doubt.

It’s all based on the system of local councils, or constituences or some other such ‘thing’ that most people just don’t get. Fact is, someone else got more votes yet the system fails the people. A hung Parliament is what they call it… some of these politicans deserve just that.

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