Rand Paul Revolution?

Rand Paul won, Arlen Specter lost and with that the establishment of both the Democrats and Republicans took a hit. Arlen Specter represents the career politician, someone willing to “sell” his vote to which ever party has the most to offer him. Rand was running against a politician that had the support of the Republican party for the most part, while Rand relied heavily on the Tea Party.

I see both of these things are good things. I do not consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. I disliked a lot of what George Bush and the Republicans did when they were in power and I’m certainly not happy with how the Democrat controlled congress has done since 2006 or what Obama has done since he has been in power. Basically, it’s bad and worse. Unfortunately, we have a two party system that forces us into supporting one of the two parties (or sitting idly by). I think there is some room to enhance the role of independents, and that’s one reason I was kind of happy when Tim Charlie Crist decided to run as a independent. It isn’t that I support Crist’s politics, it’s that I prefer for people that are on the fence to identify themselves as such. What makes a true moderate have to identify them self as a Republican or a Democrat if their politics clearly shows they can’t make up their mind? All it ends up doing is deceiving the voters. Even Joe Lieberman has shown his independence once he became a independent. He said it was liberating, good for Joe.

I’ve identified myself as being somewhat Libertarian for a while. I think Libertarians can be overly idealistic, but if you put Ron Paul, Al Gore, and John McCain in a group and ask me which one I side with I’m going with Ron Paul. The Tea Party movement has captured my attention a bit, not because I agree with everything being said or done (How could anyone? It hasn’t been all that cohesive) but rather because I identify with the basic sentiment. Our government has been doing a pathetic job for a while. Spending has continuously gone up and we don’t have very much to show for all that spending. Both parties seemed to be more worried about how much power they hold than actually serving the best interest of their constituents. At this point in time, I’m cheering when a individual with the backing of either party falls flat on their face. I’m cheering with a independent launches a strong campaign. I am, perhaps most importantly, more concerned that politicians that share my basic ideals are elected, rather than merely hoping one party triumphs over the other.

Here’s to Rand Paul and any politician that shows running on their beliefs and ideals matters more than having the backing of one of the two parties…

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