Ralph Watson presents: Geist R.I.P.

I’m sure quite a few of you have seen Ralph Watson’s Londinium music video, (as well as checking out or participating with the Londinium Remixes, if you haven’t you’re missing out). The persona of Geist has been discarded and the artist that reemerged is stronger than ever. I think Ralph Watson is the type of artist that is capable of helping the scene mature and expand. When Ralph showed me his new song/video and told me about what he’s been working on, I felt it was worthwhile to put something out that closes the book on his era as Geist and brought the idea up to him. Geist R.I.P. is what he came up with.

The Geist R.I.P. material is dated so please keep that in mind when judging any of the artists involved, however I feel it is well worth listening to. I have received several requests to put “Shut It Down” up for download and in my opinion it’s worth downloading for that track alone (although I strongly suggest listening to it all the way through, there are some real gems). This has a little sentimental value to me as well since this is also closes the book on Rydas Records (it fittingly features several members of the RR friends and family) most likely. Both Geist and RR faded away but hadn’t been properly laid to rest. I hope this serves as fitting tribute to both.


1. Shut it Down – Geist| Dkaid | Bloodshot | Menacide | Kartoon
2. Slaughterahs Anthem – FAK | Bloodshot | Geist | Nonsense | Creature
C | Bio Killaz
3. Get Guns Music – Geist | Juelz Santana (Mixtape)
4. Where I’m From – Geist | JSin
5. Murderah – Geist | Crakd | Claas
6. Lose Your Mind – Messiah | Geist
7. This Is For – T.O.N.E-z | Geist
8. Flatline – Geist

If you enjoyed this, feel free to spread the word. Part of what this was intended to do, was show cooperation within the underground. Keep in mind that people within the scene are not competing with each other, but rather working towards a common goal. If you are supportive of people within the scene making noteworthy accomplishments, you all stand to benefit.

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