Prophets – GeiSt, Crossworm, and KrAzY join forces for hiphop compilation.

I haven’t been involved in anything music related for quite a while. GeiSt and I briefly teamed up a few years ago to release some older material, but that was more to signify the end of an era than anything else. Rydas Records was something I enjoyed, but I left it behind when I believed it had run it’s course. That doesn’t mean everyone else stopped. T.O.N.E-z received an Emmy nomination, Claas and Jason Porter appeared on a billboard charting album, and GeiSt released stunning visuals.

I left the scene entirely. Not much drew me back. I was proud of the accomplishments of people I supported and had been associated with, but I was fine with not being a part. I had my moments in the past; hung out with rock stars, offered a job for Psychopathic Records, all expenses paid trip complete with limo, website mentioned in billboard charting albums, website officially banned by the government of Pakistan, etc… I knew what it was like to have hundreds of emails on a daily basis (I almost overlooked Jason Porter’s demo in fact), and while happy to see how well everyone progressed, only GeiSt’s videos made me wish I was still a part of the scene.

When Rydas Records added T.O.N.E-z, I liked the ability to utilize videos in his promotion. He in the past had music videos on MTV and BET, and regularly shot videos to promote his music. The sub-genre in which we existed had always lagged behind visually. More effort was put into hiding what someone looked like than was put into visual promotion. I felt it was important to help introduce the use of visuals. What GeiSt did though, was raise the bar to a new level and the while videos and the like have become much more common, he still has set the bar for the scene.

Something nagged at me. Rydas Records left behind unfinished projects and I felt I owed the fans some music. That wasn’t all. I felt like almost every rap album coming out didn’t mean anything. The days of an album having a heart and soul seemed to be in the past. I wanted to do something, that actually meant something.

I approached GeiSt about my concept and his participation. I was only going to do it if it would have a GeiSt music video. I wanted this to have the best and if it couldn’t have the best visuals then it would fall short. GeiSt is an artist. He’s not a rapper trying to call attention to himself, he’s someone concerned about his craft. He’s recorded tracks with some of the biggest people in the scene, he’s worked with all kinds of industry professionals, and he has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of a major label. One of his cohorts was on a top 5 UK album, and he’s worked with a lot of top notch UK Talent, but he’s not quick to discuss that sort of thing. He’s focused on his product and what he always has top notch quality.

With GeiSt, we moved forward on our project. The third addition to our team was Crossworm. He’s a rare talent in that he’s self-sufficient. He can do every step of the process short of pressing, and do it professionally. His accomplishments as a producer (producing for McNastee, Menacide, Intrinzik, Trips, Grewsum, etc…) alone make him noteworthy, add to that his work as musical director of Devilz Nite, his prowess as a rapper, and as a graphic artist and you have a unique talent. With the combined efforts of an American, Brit, and Canadian we’re ready to reveal what we are working on.

“Prophets” will be a hip-hop compilation slated to come out in December of this year. I will be executive producer, and doing it under my real name, Philip Shirley. That date is flexible but if not released, we will have much more to reveal at that point. The artist lineup is far from set, we will have to carefully craft this as we both want to convey something while retaining our standards of quality. We hope to have more to announce very soon, but for now we have a trailer and some websites. The trailer is not part of GeiSt’s music video or the album, but it sets the tone for what we are doing.


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