Penn Point – Penn Jillette’s thoughts on Molly Norris going into hiding.

I have to preface this by saying I feel a bit closer to this issue than just a spectator. In truth, I don’t think I got a single threat (although I neglected to check the email I set up for my Draw Mohammed page more than a couple times). I missed not only major sites and the like being denied access in Pakistan (you can read a bit more about it here), but also most reactions. I can say I had a degree of pride in hearing that the nation of Pakistan saw fit to take action to specifically ban my web site in their country.

The whole point I had in drawing a picture and the like was a show of solidarity, the idea that the thuggish behavior was not going to be rewarded with silence. I didn’t go over the top though, I didn’t affix my real name, I set up a new email address and I made sure the site was pure html (nothing to exploit). Although, a few people easily found me as it wasn’t as though I went out of the way to hide my identity either. So, while others got threats and their sites hacked, I just got my site on a short list of banned in Pakistan sites. I guess you could say I had things real easy, I got to make my point and get some recognition without the death threats.

Below is a video Penn Jillette’s comments on Molly Norris going into hiding. It’s an older video, and it’s sad to watch both as a reminder of how Islam treats innocent individuals, but also how powerful their brutality is. Penn Jillette is hardly afraid to speak his mind, but watching him delicately maneuver around this issues is painful.

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