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Greed is damn good!

Imagine No GreedIf one could credit the “Occupy” protests with coherent thought it seems to be that they are against greed. In all fairness, they didn’t really seem to have much of a point early on but they seem to have gotten together on the notion that they collectively hate greed and like to demonstrate their mastery of percentages. When someone is coming out against greed, and talking about getting a “fair share” and so on they will almost always sneak in some socialist/communist ideology. They can’t accept the notion that some people are worth more than others, or that you need to work to actually earn something (which is why so many of them have the free time to sit and complain about their plight).

These imbeciles stand in stark contrast to the Tea Party protesters, who said their piece then went back to a productive existence. These people have all day, week, and month. I have yet to see a single truly productive individual in their midst. They seem to think wealth is generated at birth and someone should hurry up and reward them because they’ve worked really hard at sitting on their asses.

It’s not hard to get a job. It’s easy as hell. It might be hard to get a job that pays you well to do nothing (unless you luck into a government job), or to get a job that pays for your weed habit with enough left over for a new electric car, organic foods, and what other luxuries your small mind (or the government, for example cell phones) might consider necessities, but you can get a job that meets your basic needs with little effort. We have a lot of illegal immigrants coming here to do jobs many Americans refuse, and they have enough left over to send a lot of what they earn back. So, if those protesters really want a job come to Alabama, I hear they are hiring car wash people and produce pickers.

The irony here is most of these protesters are in fact themselves motivated by greed. It is the worst kind though, many of them want what others have earned. They wish to be given what they have not earned. They wish to break the one fundamental check for greed: individual rights. So, while these protesters decry greed and mindlessly repeat what the person with a megaphone says, they practice greed. While they speak of corruption and criminal behavior, they at the same time seek to undermine the basic protection against such actions we are entitled to. In a society with true rights of the individual (I’ve read a bit Ayn Rand and I suppose you could say I’m speaking of egoism) there is no room for fraud, theft, and corruption because such violations would be the highest crime.

Individualism stand as the only protection needed, if you have individual protections, and individual responsibilities, greed becomes free to function as on of our greatest qualities. Who would you place more faith in, on a cure for cancer? Those protesters, or the corporations that they are protesting against? What has given the human race more, altruism or greed? How many great inventions might we have done without if not for the greed of their creators? So much of what we have is owed to the greed of others, who gave us wonderful things and in return we made them fabulously wealthy. 

The protesters do not understand what generates wealth, which is the product. How is it that America, without the largest population has the largest economy? Some morons might claim it was some evil underhanded tactics, but America for years and years just out-produced other countries. Microsoft, IBM, Ford, Boeing, etc… Consider how different everything might be had they simply not existed. The cheap laptops we give to children in Africa, or cheap medicines, we owe their existence to big greedy corporations, directly or indirectly. I wonder if this even crosses the minds of these people as they document their activities on their cell phone, and go to use the bathroom in McDonald’s, their quality of life is significantly higher because of these evil, greedy corporations. It certainly seems beyond their mental grasp that if they want wealth of their own they need to make themselves as productive as the wealthy they envy.

The sheer stupidity that they exhibit is to formulate the opinion that wealth is always there and the act of greed deprives others of their “fair share” of the wealth. This has been thoroughly debunked by great minds like Ludwig von Mises and common sense alike. If wealth was born with a person, or with a “worker” then this would dictate the wealth of a nation. Clearly this is not the case as population does not define wealth. Bill Gates is not depriving these people of their wealth, he is in fact doing them all a great service but they are too foolish to realize this.

Let’s consider how this works. Bill Gates is filthy rich for his role in Microsoft. How did Microsoft become so important? They provided desirable services to others. These services were paid for and in turn, the customers gained from these services. Here’s where the wealth is generated, where the product comes into play. These services that Microsoft provided helped these customers do what they want to do better than they could have without Microsoft. They in turn became more productive, and continued to purchase from Microsoft, Bill Gates became more wealthy, so on so forth. Microsoft made people more productive, and in turn everyone became more wealthy. If you subtract someone like Bill Gates, you do not have more wealth to distribute, you have less!

Greed helps all of us, it motivates us but it also forces innovations. A greedy person might pay lavishly for a car that while ridiculously expensive, will use technology that might make it’s way into budget cars that most of us drive. Or, the ultra-expensive medical treatment they pay for might ultimately become refined and efficient enough for most of us to afford. They push innovation and they push productivity because they want the best and are greedy enough to feel entitled to it. 

Finally, greed is not limited to the individual. Greed can be wanting your children to have the best, or for your country to have the best. The best might be decadent, expensive, it might not seem fitting because most of us poor folk could never afford it… However, there was a time that most of our household items were absurdly expensive, affordable to only the greediest people who would want something that the common man can’t afford. Greed makes all our lives better, altruism does far less to better our lives. Bill Gates will give away a great deal of his wealth, but his most valuable contributions have already been made. What we need is more greedy people that are willing to work hard enough to become obscenely wealthy themselves.

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Pretentious way to draw mohammed

If you want to listen to someone ramble on about drawing Mohammed for 9 minutes you are in the minority as only 68 people saw the need to previously. If you just want to see his crappy drawing, go to about the 8 minute mark, which he then discusses for about two more minutes.

Pissing off zealots=good
Talking about it for almost ten minutes to an audience you don’t have=bad

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$100 Tablet

I got sucked into a bit of an internet phenomenon when I stumbled on a Fatwallet.com thread touting a $84 tablet. Now, you had to be lucky, have a coupon and be willing to say you were in the military to get it that cheap, but despite a heavy advertising campaign with celebrities and touting a $399 price tag, HP decided to drop the 16GB Touchpad to a well below cost $100. 

The price was so absurd that as a retailer dropped the price they sold out almost instantly. After a sleepless night of chasing deals, I got a Touchpad, and sauntered off to Walmart to pick it up. Apparently even this out of the way location was not immune to the fervor, and they stated they only had three but had been inundated (ok, they didn’t use that word) with requests.

The topic on Slickdeals is nearing 5 million views in under 48 hours, and is past 15,000 replies. This isn’t just just hype though, this is a nice little device, well worth double what I paid. The Wordpress app isn’t bad either, although I won’t be troubled to add links, or much else for that matter. I’m kind of regretting not paying $50 more and getting the 32GB, but if I see it again I might get a second. It’s no iPad, but at this price it’s cheaper than a digital photo frame.

I hear Best Buy decided not to send all units back, and is going to be selling them at the new price point. If you happen upon one for under $200, it’s well worth it, even if typing on it annoys me.

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Draw Muhammad Day? Neat!

I drew a Muhammad! It was fun. You should draw a Muhammad too.

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One more reason soccer (yes soccer) sucks

The great part about being American is that I’m entitled to be an arrogant snob. We do our things our way, and when the Democrats are not in power we don’t really care what the rest of the world thinks about our choices.

That’s one reason soccer never really caught on in America. Instead of following the rest of the world’s lead, we came up with more entertaining sports and relegated soccer to second tier status. We have football, baseball, and basketball. We don’t need a sport that requires inebriation in order to find it worth watching.

When I considered the end to the recent World Cup final, I got pissed off (no I didn’t subject myself to actually watch it). Yes, I wanted America to win because it’s amusing to have us beat the world at something we barely care about, but it pissed me off because it seems an absurd way to end such a thing. I get having methods that keep a sporting event from going on forever. This is even more important when you are mid-tournament. A game that goes on forever in the middle of a tournament can wreck scheduling and the like. Having said that, football doesn’t have field goals to decide a winner (close but not quite) in overtime, basketball doesn’t have a three point contest in overtime to decide a winner, and baseball doesn’t have a home run derby to end the game.

Why then, at the end of the supposedly biggest event in soccer. The culmination of years of planning, do they decide that it should come down to penalty kicks? Was the booze wearing off? If they kept playing would the sobering fans realize what a boring spectacle they were witnessing? Did the World Cup players have prior commitments? More important things to do?

Why not just cut the crap and have a coin toss? Why not just admit your sport sucks, and your event sucks so much you can’t even be bothered to let it keep going until a team wins the actual game being played?

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TONE-z speaks on Horrorcore and Hip-Hop

TONE-z breaks down why he has love for the horrorcore scene as well as why he thinks hip-hop is going in the wrong direction.

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New Vega X and Planet X Records LLC site PLANETXRECORDSLLC.COM

Hello Yall!

If you were getting sick of the PXR posts I’d like to bid you all fairwell, however if you are interested in following our further developments please follow us over to www.planetxrecordsllc.com our NEW AND OFFICIAL WEBSITE! Also you can check out our music frequently @ www.slimswayze.com from our homie Slim from Take the Red Pill radio! Thanks and buy our albums on itunes!


d Tox of PXR LCC formerly Chaoz of RR now has his own show on www.slimswayze.com titled “Clinical Radio” of PXR CHECK IT OUT AND SEND US YOUR TRACKS TO PLAY LIVE!

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Funny Battle (Vega X/Grindtime Now) More free Mix CDs… What’s not to like

While Krazy is busy with his usual shenanigans i’ll keep you guys at bay in the meantime:
Vega X of PXR vs MegaDef


420 The Chronicles of Vince Price


“A Legacy of Chaos” Guerrilla Alliance feat Vee Eye (R.I.P)


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Vega X (CEO of Planet X Records LLC) of Guerrilla Alliance releases free mix CD

I give you “The John Carpenter” Mix CD, since PXR has noticed the trend of free mix tapes, and I had really never done an official “free” mix CD up to this point, I thought I’d give the fans what they want. While it isn’t my best work, it was still fun, and features some familiar faces. However it is a prequel to my studio recorded solo EP “The Witch Hammer” coming out next month, and my group “Guerrilla Alliance” is currently working on our album “Empire of Fear” feat Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, Rasul Allah of LCOB and more!!! Without further Adieu feel free to spam/ post this anywhere you like as it is free





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Dear dumbasses

A job is not a human right. This means anything pertaining to unions, and the like can not possibly have an impact on your human rights (unless they compel you to work against your will). As long as you have a right not to work, your human rights are not being infringed upon. The employer should always have a right to hire who they see fit and to compensate them as they see fit. To tell the employer otherwise is infringing on their right.

So, to be clear…
Right of the employee: The choice of whether or not to work and who you choose to work for.
Right of the employer: The choice of how to compensate the employee and who you chose to hire.

So, if the voters are your bosses is it most certainly their god damned right to determine what your compensation is or how it is determined, so shut the fuck up and sit down! Or, better yet get a job in the private sector you leeches!

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