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Pretentious way to draw mohammed

If you want to listen to someone ramble on about drawing Mohammed for 9 minutes you are in the minority as only 68 people saw the need to previously. If you just want to see his crappy drawing, go to about the 8 minute mark, which he then discusses for about two more minutes.

Pissing off zealots=good
Talking about it for almost ten minutes to an audience you don’t have=bad

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$100 Tablet

I got sucked into a bit of an internet phenomenon when I stumbled on a Fatwallet.com thread touting a $84 tablet. Now, you had to be lucky, have a coupon and be willing to say you were in the military to get it that cheap, but despite a heavy advertising campaign with celebrities and touting a $399 price tag, HP decided to drop the 16GB Touchpad to a well below cost $100. 

The price was so absurd that as a retailer dropped the price they sold out almost instantly. After a sleepless night of chasing deals, I got a Touchpad, and sauntered off to Walmart to pick it up. Apparently even this out of the way location was not immune to the fervor, and they stated they only had three but had been inundated (ok, they didn’t use that word) with requests.

The topic on Slickdeals is nearing 5 million views in under 48 hours, and is past 15,000 replies. This isn’t just just hype though, this is a nice little device, well worth double what I paid. The Wordpress app isn’t bad either, although I won’t be troubled to add links, or much else for that matter. I’m kind of regretting not paying $50 more and getting the 32GB, but if I see it again I might get a second. It’s no iPad, but at this price it’s cheaper than a digital photo frame.

I hear Best Buy decided not to send all units back, and is going to be selling them at the new price point. If you happen upon one for under $200, it’s well worth it, even if typing on it annoys me.

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Draw Muhammad Day? Neat!

I drew a Muhammad! It was fun. You should draw a Muhammad too.

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One more reason soccer (yes soccer) sucks

The great part about being American is that I’m entitled to be an arrogant snob. We do our things our way, and when the Democrats are not in power we don’t really care what the rest of the world thinks about our choices.

That’s one reason soccer never really caught on in America. Instead of following the rest of the world’s lead, we came up with more entertaining sports and relegated soccer to second tier status. We have football, baseball, and basketball. We don’t need a sport that requires inebriation in order to find it worth watching.

When I considered the end to the recent World Cup final, I got pissed off (no I didn’t subject myself to actually watch it). Yes, I wanted America to win because it’s amusing to have us beat the world at something we barely care about, but it pissed me off because it seems an absurd way to end such a thing. I get having methods that keep a sporting event from going on forever. This is even more important when you are mid-tournament. A game that goes on forever in the middle of a tournament can wreck scheduling and the like. Having said that, football doesn’t have field goals to decide a winner (close but not quite) in overtime, basketball doesn’t have a three point contest in overtime to decide a winner, and baseball doesn’t have a home run derby to end the game.

Why then, at the end of the supposedly biggest event in soccer. The culmination of years of planning, do they decide that it should come down to penalty kicks? Was the booze wearing off? If they kept playing would the sobering fans realize what a boring spectacle they were witnessing? Did the World Cup players have prior commitments? More important things to do?

Why not just cut the crap and have a coin toss? Why not just admit your sport sucks, and your event sucks so much you can’t even be bothered to let it keep going until a team wins the actual game being played?

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TONE-z speaks on Horrorcore and Hip-Hop

TONE-z breaks down why he has love for the horrorcore scene as well as why he thinks hip-hop is going in the wrong direction.

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New Vega X and Planet X Records LLC site PLANETXRECORDSLLC.COM

Hello Yall!

If you were getting sick of the PXR posts I’d like to bid you all fairwell, however if you are interested in following our further developments please follow us over to www.planetxrecordsllc.com our NEW AND OFFICIAL WEBSITE! Also you can check out our music frequently @ www.slimswayze.com from our homie Slim from Take the Red Pill radio! Thanks and buy our albums on itunes!


d Tox of PXR LCC formerly Chaoz of RR now has his own show on www.slimswayze.com titled “Clinical Radio” of PXR CHECK IT OUT AND SEND US YOUR TRACKS TO PLAY LIVE!

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Funny Battle (Vega X/Grindtime Now) More free Mix CDs… What’s not to like

While Krazy is busy with his usual shenanigans i’ll keep you guys at bay in the meantime:
Vega X of PXR vs MegaDef


420 The Chronicles of Vince Price


“A Legacy of Chaos” Guerrilla Alliance feat Vee Eye (R.I.P)


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Vega X (CEO of Planet X Records LLC) of Guerrilla Alliance releases free mix CD

I give you “The John Carpenter” Mix CD, since PXR has noticed the trend of free mix tapes, and I had really never done an official “free” mix CD up to this point, I thought I’d give the fans what they want. While it isn’t my best work, it was still fun, and features some familiar faces. However it is a prequel to my studio recorded solo EP “The Witch Hammer” coming out next month, and my group “Guerrilla Alliance” is currently working on our album “Empire of Fear” feat Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, Rasul Allah of LCOB and more!!! Without further Adieu feel free to spam/ post this anywhere you like as it is free





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Dear dumbasses

A job is not a human right. This means anything pertaining to unions, and the like can not possibly have an impact on your human rights (unless they compel you to work against your will). As long as you have a right not to work, your human rights are not being infringed upon. The employer should always have a right to hire who they see fit and to compensate them as they see fit. To tell the employer otherwise is infringing on their right.

So, to be clear…
Right of the employee: The choice of whether or not to work and who you choose to work for.
Right of the employer: The choice of how to compensate the employee and who you chose to hire.

So, if the voters are your bosses is it most certainly their god damned right to determine what your compensation is or how it is determined, so shut the fuck up and sit down! Or, better yet get a job in the private sector you leeches!

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14 year old lashed to death for being raped

We are constantly told how peaceful Islam is. Yet, when you hear of something like this you instantly know that it happened to be Muslims that did this atrocity. At a certain point we have to acknowledge that the religion itself shares some of the blame. Anyway, here are some details of this sickening display by a barbaric group of people:

The reports said Hena was raped by her 40-year-old relative Mahbub on Sunday. Next day, a fatwa was announced at a village arbitration that she must be given 100 lashes. She fell unconscious after nearly 80 lashes.

Fatally injured Hena was rushed to Naria health complex where she succumbed to her injuries.

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