One problem I have with illegal immigration

To be clear, I have libertarian leanings and I also happen to be pro immigration. I explain my immigration stance a bit here. The illegal immigration issue (in America) is a tough issue for me. I really do wish America could be open borders and everyone who wants here would be free to come. However, we have so many entitlements, barriers, and the like that even with constraints lifted it would take a long time to sort everything out. I want a move towards a logical and rational immigration process, one in which law abiding, talented, and knowledgeable people are recognized. I have personal experience with legal immigration. It is and extremely arduous process. Having seen the rigors of legal immigration, it has hardened my view towards illegal immigrants. I want people to be able to immigrate, but I don’t want it to be just one group of law breakers that are given the privileged of coming to the United States.

Mexican flag protestTo be honest, a lot of the issue I have with illegal immigrants is a simple lack of respect. I saw a story about immigration protesters interrupting a baseball game, and I am not in the least surprised to see a Mexican flag being waved. I can understand the premise of people leaving a shit-hole country like Mexico to come to a better place. I don’t understand how they can admit America is a better place with their actions yet profess allegiance for the place they fled from. Which is it? Are you coming here to be an American or are you trying to turn our country into a shit-hole like yours?

If you come here and show no allegiance towards our country, no respect for our culture, our flag, or even the language we speak, what exactly are you? Some become a beneficiary of our public assistance programs (something denied to legal immigrants). Many arrive here with their hand out but so many illegal immigrants don’t seem to have the common sense or appreciation to say thank you. If you’re really doing this because you want to be an a America, then start acting like it! Show some respect, wave our flag, not Mexico’s!

Here is something I wrote a few years ago on the issue:

Si Se Puede, which translated means something like “yes we can”. It is the rally cry of the illegal immigrants. They chant it during their rallies. It is a chant that began years ago, even decades ago, growing louder over time… “yes we can!”.

It reminds me of the lesson in proper English that we are given. “Can I have a cookie?”, “Yes you can, the question is may you” would be a common retort. You say may I when you are asking for something, can is used to explain what you are capable of. Can doesn’t ask for permission it just does it.

Yes they can, because they don’t need our permission. It is our country, but they don’t care. Yes they can and as a matter of fact they can say it in Spanish. Yes, they can. They can break our laws and then march in the streets to brag about it. Yes they can come here seeking our wealth and they can fly Mexican flags and speak a foreign language while they are at it. Si Se Puede! indeed…

I sincerely hope for a true libertarian society. One in which any immigrant can come to our country and is free to either succeed or fail. No government handouts, no assistance, sink or swim. I also truly believe that environment would create a stronger unity than any government could attain. Having said that, I don’t ignore America’s laws simply because I have libertarian beliefs. I obey our laws and abide by them. I applaud and support moves towards greater freedom. However, simply wanting to get a job in America does not entitle one to break our laws, any more than I am entitled to break our laws.

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