Ohhhhhh Noooooo!!!

On 20 September 2010, 25 years since the release of their first single, ‘Take On Me’, a-ha will be releasing their last ever track ‘Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)’.

Not that I have been following a-ha for the last 24 years, but it’s still sad news…. At least there will be one more video:

Starting where they began, acclaimed director Steve Barron will work with a-ha once again and provide the perfect accompaniment to ‘Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)’ with the band’s final music video. Considered as one of the most iconic music videos of all time, Baron directed a-ha’s groundbreaking ‘Take on Me’ as well as ‘The Sun Always Shines on TV’, ‘Hunting High and Low’ and ‘Cry Wolf’. Other memorable works include Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’ and Dire Straits’ ‘Money for Nothing’.

You can read more on the official a-ha website:


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  1. Posted August 11, 2010 at 1:55 pm Permalink

    They’ve still been making music? Next you’ll probably tell me that the Dire Straits have been making music all this time to…

  2. Chaos
    Posted August 11, 2010 at 2:06 pm Permalink

    I have no clue…

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