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Satan Lives In Your NoseThe Asylum tends to have a fair bit of Mohammed related imagery. I believe this to be both a free speech issue and a matter of resisting violent thugs. Besides, after the government of Pakistan banned one of the crappiest sites I’ve ever made, I just couldn’t let the issue die. Anyway, there is actually more art out there on the internets than pictures of Mohammed, as shocking as that might be.

I have a weird relationship with the term conservative. I was raised as a member of the (far) religious-right. I was indoctrinated and taught that anything “secular” was almost inherently bad. As I aged I became involved in hip-hop, an advocate for drug legalization, and occasionally looked like a hippy. I happily tossed aside lot of the conservative lifestyle. However, my view of politics has remained as what one could term conservative. A moderate doesn’t distance them self from the left. So, if I have to be liberal, moderate, or conservative, I have to choose conservatives as the group that reflects my values. However, as someone that leans towards libertarianism, I’m more anti-left than an actual conservative.

I find myself using, and searching for the term conservative out of convenience. The sad fact is that there are some mediums in which conservatives are not common. The art and entertainment world is one of those areas. This is easily explained by the simple fact that many conservatives are out there doing something productive with their time. Also, if you do lean towards the right, it’s not prudent to make a point of that in the entertainment industry. However, there are some conservatives that made their way into these realms.

I recently spent some time searching for webcomics of a political nature that I could relate to and inevitably had to use the term conservative to find them. I often don’t want my entertainment tainted with politics, but I wanted to see what was out there. It would appear that in the world of webcomics, conservative comics are almost non-existent. There are a few out there such as the obligatory inclusion to right leaning blogs; Day By Day. There are political cartoons aplenty but it’s nice to have some sort of a story (hence the compulsory inclusion of Day By Day I suppose).  There are artists that delve into the politics, such as Li’l Obama, but then they go back to drawing Supernatural Law. ComicStripClub has a few interesting offerings, from 2009.

Hey look! I found another one; Diversity Lane. It’s updated this year and everything!

The End

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