Michelle Malkin linked to my site

Ok, this is really, really, really old news but it was something I was unaware of. I am now without a place to post this as well so in my quest to lose what ever self respect I have left I am posting it on Myspace.

I’ve made a few sites over the years, all of them crappy but one of them relatively popular (Rydas.Com reached the million hit mark sometime in 2001 or 2002). Insaneclownposse.com linked to my site in the past, making a bandwidth hit big enough to result in a several hundred dollar bill, heck they even put my picture up (fortunately I think it has been purged from the web by now). The trick is none of that really mattered. Now that I think about it, I have to admit I was happy when Death Row Records linked to Rydas.Com…

During this whole Mohammed cartoon thing I felt obligated to participate. Not because I had anything noteworthy to add, but because it annoyed me to see how afraid people were of these extremists. So, I demonstrated my complete lack of skill and drew a stick figure. The point was to show solidarity with the real artists and to try and piss people off, since I hadn’t really gotten under anyone’s skin online since Rob Bruce AKA Jump Steady AKA Evil Dead said I was worse then a terrorist and informed a mutual friend he would inflict harm upon me if he ever saw me. For some reason I have yet to figure out, my drawing was somewhat popular on a Mohammed cartoon site that popped up, garnering thousands of views and a bunch of votes (mind you there was real art there, I felt a bit embarrassed that mine was in the top ten). This did encourage me though so I spent a good half hour or so putting a site together. The point was the same, let the Turkish hackers mess with my site if they are going to pick on the other ones. Long story short, they took down one site after another and the the whole thing kind of blew over.

Well, a while after that I get a email saying something about the “banned 12″. I looked into it and saw there was a Pakistani government memo on the BBC site saying that my website and 11 others were officially banned in Pakistan (for the record Pakistan has banned around 50 sites over the years, many more through filters). This made my friggin’ day. I was happy as hell, I’ve wasted a lot of my life online doing pointless things but I never though I’d get a government to ban my site. This was a thing of beauty. Of course it didn’t motivate me at all, I still let the site sit there in it’s crappy state and thus it has remained. For the record though, out of the 12 banned site mine is one of only 5 that are still there so that has to mean something right? Take that terrorists and Turkish hackers!

I finally decided to do a search on it to see if I could find anything out. Yeah, I’m bored after deciding not to revive the Rydas.com forum and letting Rydas Records wind down. So anyways, I found a post from Michelle Malkin and saw that she linked to my site: http://michellemalkin.com/2006/03/17/banned-in-pakistan/
This made me happy, getting the attention of a bunch of idiots is one thing. Getting the attention of someone you respect is a lot better (even if it was just copying and pasting a link to my site).

The End

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