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Zebras run through California streets

Zebras in custody after fleeing from home

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (CNN/KOVR) – Residents near Carmichael, Calif. got an eyeful on Saturday evening when two zebras were seen running through the streets. The zebras escaped from their owner’s home where they are kept as pets. “Dogs or something spooked the zebras. And two of them got out. They’re domesticated and can pull carts. They can do a variety of things but they’re not used to the excitement that happened this evening,” said one area resident. Authorities corralled one zebra at an apartment complex. The other one suffered injuries and will be seen by a veterinarian before going home.

I want one as a pet!

Speaking of Zebras running around in the streets, that reminds me of the song “Zebras crossing the street” by Scooter, which isn’t much better than their single “How much is the fish?“.

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