Just when you think you saw it all

We can learn from his website that Baron Bob is crusading against the common gift since 1998.  He has quite a selection available.  My personal favorite is the dog poo calendar.  Twelve lovely pictures of dog scheisse! What else would you give for Christmas?

Doo lovers of the world unite!

Yes, it’s a crap fest and it kind of smells like flowers!! The Monthly Doos 2010 Dog Poop Calendar was created by canines with pride and maybe a little extra roughage. Your friends or just maybe your enemies will howl with laughter!! 12 months of pure crap from a poop from the Far East to a special gift left under the tree!!

Features in the 2010 Monthly Doos Calendar:

  • All new photocraps
  • Each month features the “hound that made the mound” and important dog poop trivia.
  • Includes Canadian, UK, And Australian holidays as well as moon phases – Full and New Moons!

Yours for only $12.95 and that’s no bullshit!!

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