It’s not the jobs, stupid!

The Democrats are doing what they do best. Wasting lots and lots of money. Don’t get me wrong, the Republicans learned that trait as well, but they needed help and guidance from the Democrats to do it “right”. The Democrats showed us that they could do it all by themselves (like big boys!) and we are oh so proud of them for this accomplishment.

The “stimulus” bill, is just a Democrat spending spree. Their earmark free bill ended up full of earmarks, which is not surprising coming from a group that has no trouble raising taxes, but a lot of trouble paying them. I could pick it apart piece by piece, attempting to find a few worthwhile expenditures but all I would do is raise my blood pressure so I’ll focus on a couple of thing. Mind you, I did peak at the 600+ page house bill and most of what I saw was for various government programs. Nothing to stimulate, just more waste…

One item that I saw debated on TV stuck with me. It wasn’t how wasteful the program was (that’s to be expected) it was the defense. The mayor (Democrat of course) of some city was defending spending $30,000,000 to save some mouse in the stimulus bill under the notion it would create jobs. Wow… are they really that stupid? Let’s just assume that (during a period of turmoil) prioritizing a mouse is really worth $30,000,000. Let’s assume that this is going to employ quite a few people for quite a few years. Furthermore, we’ll pretend that dedicating all these resources to saving a mouse will not hinder private enterprise, productivity and so on (highly unlikely). How on earth will this stimulate the economy?

The jobs will not stimulate the economy. First, consider the source of the money. Most likely, the government will print more money. Inflation will pay the 30 million. We all lose a bit of the money we already have, they devalue it, to pay for this program. They’re just doing what the government does best. Taking our money. The problem is, this is a entirely unproductive plan. Do we plan on exporting the mouse? It’s a anti-productivity plan because it stands to reason the resources will be used to hinder production! I keep using the word production for a reason. Productivity is the backbone of a economy. It’s not money and it’s not jobs. A group of ten people working poorly, can be worth less than six people working well and four people sitting around. Likewise, ten million in one currency can be worth less than ten in another currency. So, here we have a 30 million expenditure that is likely to harm the economy, not help it. The bill is littered with this type of lunacy.

Like pretty much everyone who voted on the bill, I haven’t read it yet. So, I’m not sure if the $650,000,000 for converter boxes made it in. The mere fact that it was included at one point and is a government program is damning. They already spent something like 1.3 billion on these things. What for? They are for the 13 million households that don’t have cable or satellite TV. Clearly the government needs these people to get broadcast TV and they are not afraid to spend over $150 per household to insure they can watch Lost.

So what in the hell does that stimulate? All it could possibly do is encourage people to sit on their asses in front of a antiquated TV (probably powered by electricity made from coal). It won’t stimulate anything! Oh wait, what about the companies that makes the boxes? None of them are American!!! So, we actually have idiots in Washington that think paying for foreign made products that allow them to sit on their butts and watch TV counts as stimulus for our economy… it’s not even worth saying anything else.

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