If I am free

Tarsiers love freedomI tire of people discussing my rights and freedoms as though I appointed them arbiter. I did not, or in the very least I do not recollect doing so. Many people spend a great deal of time discussing what is “best”. That’s fine with me. However, I have a serious problem when they then decide that what is “best” should apply to me.

I am only free, if I am free to make my own choices. I am only free, if I am free to experiment, to do things that might be harmful to myself. What is the use of discussing whether capitalism or socialism is better? It is not a question of how they perform, but of what freedoms they allow me. A caged animal might live a longer life, but it is still living life in a cage.

To be free is to be in the wild. To live with consequences, and the ability to choose your own path. Captivity is to have others tell you what is best, how you can live, where you can do, and what you can do. There is no way to place a value on freedom, if we do not have it, what purpose is our life? We become automatons, slaves to society, once we give up our freedom.

Freedom does not exempt you from responsibility. It is still my responsibility not to bring harm to others. But, if I am to be free, I can not be forced to take upon more responsibility than that. If I wish to feed the hungry, then that is my right. I am best equipped to decide. Who can better judge how my resources be used than myself? Am I to give up medicine I need to be healthy, to feed someone else? It is my choice and my choice only, if I am free.

Society owes me nothing save one thing. I do not ask for food, or clothing. I do not ask for medicine, or housing. I only ask for my freedom. If you do not provide me with food, I will grow my own. If you do not provide me with clothing, I will sew my own. If you do not provide me with medicine, I will treat myself. If you do not provide me with housing, I will build my own. If I am free, I am free to provide for myself and you for yourself. If we both are free, we are free to share our skills with each other.

If I am free, I am free to fail. If you are free, you are free to succeed. If we are free we have all that we deserve.

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  1. bollixed
    Posted May 12, 2012 at 4:22 pm Permalink

    What a spectacular piece! Wow! I can feel that it comes from the heart. If I am free I am free to offer genuine praise where it is deserved.

    I am going to open a meeting next week with that piece. I’ll try not to get emotional and choked up as I read it.

    Thanks. You ARE free!!

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