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Leann Tweeden on Red EyeSleeping at night is something I haven’t been good at for a long time. I can’t pin down the age but (sometime during elementary school), I started having trouble getting to sleep. For example, I recall sitting in bed listening to an unseen clock’s incessant ticking at 2 A.M. It seems almost silly now but as a kid sitting in the dark with nothing but your own thoughts, it sucked horribly. Now, 2 A.M. is actually worth staying up for thanks to Red Eye.

Fox New’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld is the type of show you don’t expect to see on any news channel. It’s funny, irreverent, has guests that are actually interesting, and has a decidedly libertarian slant (apparently the main players on Red Eye are libertarian). Red Eye is to cable news shows as South Park is to cartoons. To be honest, my late night TV watching usually consisted of Adult Swim mixed in with the occasional History Channel program. Reruns of Fox News programs held no interest. However, I stumbled upon Red Eye one night and was quite amused. Mind you, Red Eye isn’t some earth shattering episodic program that you just can’t bear to miss. Instead, it’s a gem hidden at 2 A.M. (3 eastern). A show that I always find enjoyable.

Carrie KeaganOne reason a show that comes on when almost all decent human beings are asleep, has been able to beat some CNN’s prime time lineup in a key demo is the guests. Guests include musicians such as Andrew WK, Danzig, and Oderus Urungus. It’s also a interesting format for political figures, Fox News anchors, and actors. Gutfeld used to be in charge of Maxim Magazine in the UK so it should come as no surprise that Red Eye almost always has an attractive female present (such as Leeann Tweeden, who was on last “night”) and the show employs a “leg chair“. Sometimes it’s a bit of a surprise as you see a Fox News anchor (often strategically positioned) looking quite a bit sexier than usual. Or perhaps it’s seeing them as “real” people and not just reading off a teleprompter.

The end result is a great offering for any time slot, but of particular note to see a non-rerun airing in the midst of infomercials. It isn’t preachy like Bill O’Reilly, conspiratorial like Glenn Beck, and it certainly is head and shoulders above any of the MSNBC offerings. If you don’t like politics, the show has enough wit and diversions to keep you interested. If you do like politics but lean particularly to the left, the show makes a point of allowing numerous viewpoints (and not shouting them down either). If you happen to be up late enough, I’d suggest giving the show a chance. It isn’t as though you’d miss anything important…

Now, for your viewing pleasure:
The Notorious Patti Ann Browne

Red Eye – We Heart Carrie Keagan

Fox News’ Courtney hates Horse co..uh.. Genitalia?

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