I hope they don’t have a beeping microwave down there

Like this poor guy, who got his arm stuck in a furnace. With the microwave beeping constantly in the background.

33 miners are trapped underground in Chile.  After 3 weeks they were able to make contact with the rescuers.   But, drilling the hole to get them out will take at least 120 days.

Rescuers made contact with the miners by lowering a probe into the mine, 17 days after the men became trapped. The miners, stuck in a mine shaft shelter some 700m (2,300ft) down, sent up a note saying they were all alive. Rescuers are now preparing to drill a wider hole through which they can bring the miners to the surface. The chief engineer in charge of the rescue operation, Andres Sougarret, said a larger and more powerful drill would be needed to dig the hole at the San Jose gold and copper mine near the city of Copiapo. “A shaft 66cm (26 inches) in diameter will take at least 120 days,” he said. Rescuers plan to send narrow plastic tubes down the narrow borehole already drilled with food, hydration gels and equipment that will allow them to communicate with relatives – including cameras and microphones.

Complete story on BBC News

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    Well, if they’re going to be down there that long I hope they do have a microwave…

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