Holladay, Hopper, and Hamas.

Roy Halladay pitched a perfect game. Not to take anything away from Roy, but this is the second perfect game this season. There have been only 20 in major league history. Clearly baseball players going back to the non-steroid enhanced body types are not quite as good as when they were all roided up (further evidenced by the fact that there is a pitcher with a 0.88 ERA and two teams with ERAs of below 3). This might be the best year for pitchers in a very long time. One could easily argue that the major leagues have become reliant on roided up players to the point that some of the better legitimate baseball players have been left by the wayside. It might take a while to sort this out. Furthermore, we have to ponder how good a player like Greg Maddux would have been had he been able to pitch to the non-roid version of players like Barry his whole career? The supposedly best pitcher of the era turned out to be juiced as well (a accusation I made against Roger Clemens years ago, on the Rydas forum I believe), so one has to wonder how much of a artist the off-speed pitchers of the era really were.

Dennis Hopper has passed away. Hollywood is a rather loathsome place. Plastic surgery until they look like fish, actors with no discernible talent, and liberals that are often left enough they have to go to communist countries to find kindred spirits. Hopper on the other hand was a character, he had style, he played memorable characters and while he didn’t get his political views from a particular party, he wasn’t signing pro-Palanski petitions and hanging out with Hugo Chavez either. Hollywood is a more deplorable and boring place without him.

Surprise, surprise, Hamas is claiming that the United States has been engaged in talks with them, covertly, because of the whole… you know, terrorist thing. Anyone really caught off guard by this one? The current administration seems to be spending more time figuring out things to call terrorists (other than just terrorists), or finding ways to pretend violent, radical Islamists are acting solely out of the irritability of a bad hair day than calling them what they are: “Radical Islamic terrorists“. Of course may be you don’t do things like that because it might piss those other terrorists, Hamas, off… Nice to know the administration has their priorities in order. Nothing to see here, move along…

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  1. Spl!tf@ce
    Posted May 31, 2010 at 10:26 pm Permalink

    is it me or does anyone just not pay attention to whos really making out with us fighting everyone… we might be the gun being fired but israel is the one pulling the trigger….

  2. Posted June 1, 2010 at 5:08 am Permalink

    Well, part of the point of the Asylum is to allow differing points of view. Ironically, some of the more interesting political discussions in the old Asylum involved Choko.

    Having said that, I actually think Israel is the biggest scapegoat on the planet. They’re portrayed as some evil manipulative empire, yet history shows they can barely hang on to a tiny homeland and have been killed by the millions or hundred thousands. If they really controlled everything, one would think they’d do a better job of not dying. On that note, they acted unilaterally and took away Saddam’s nuclear capacity. Not a popular thing at a time, not something they tricked another country into doing, but obviously a absolutely great thing to do. Now, if anyone disarms Iran it will be Israel most likely.

    Israel is a powerful tool for manipulation though. Insert screwed up backwards, Middle Eastern country here (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, etc…) blames Israel for everything pretty much, that and America. It’s a great way of not handling your own problems. If you don’t have enough food? Blame Israel! You’re one of the world’s richest men while your people go hungry? Blame Israel! It’s really convenient. I remember asking my mom why Iraq was attacking Israel during Desert Storm. She explained that they were trying to provoke Israel into attacking them, so that the Middle Eastern countries would switch sides and become allied with Iraq. Talk about easily manipulated sheep… show them a picture of Mohammed or a Israeli flag and they’re ready to forget who’s really screwing them over and attack people over stupid shit.

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