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the jokerr

Have you all heard this guy.   Hes got mad talent,  mad flows,  sick beats and a gret visual represtation of his music persona..  but one problem…   he seems to be marketing for a certain group of fans that seem to already have a home…   thats right,  the juggalos.   you can DL his whole album by going to his website or click HERE.  its a great listen through though with an  amaizing story hes biulding.   seriously check this guy out.   If this jokerr angle doesnt fly im sure he’ll find sucess other places.   but for now.

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  1. Posted May 29, 2010 at 2:06 pm Permalink

    I don’t follow underground music much as of late… somehow when I went to check out Jokerr I ended up finding out DZK was on the same label as Canibus. That’s kind of cool, but I might have already known that…

    Anyway, it’s obvious Jokerr is talented but he’s in awkward territory with the gimmick and style. The juggalos are a soft market, this is pretty obvious. The last artist I worked with, I basically broke things down on how to have a impact and through some time and effort (not mine entirely) he managed to reach a level of acceptance (in the underground) in a short amount of time that generally takes years. No gimmick, no change in music styles, just a matter of a few minor considerations. So, there’s a enticement to appealing to juggalos because they are rather loyal and can be quite devoted.

    The whole “juggalo rapper” thing was really dragged through the mud by the likes of Scar yelling at the top of his lungs about being a “Juggalo from Chicago” (interestingly enough Scar wanted to be on Rydas Records, heh…). Then when ICP basically came out and said that a juggalo was exclusively a fan of Psychopathic music, pushed away Marz because he couldn’t sign with them and opely spoke out against “juggalo sites” covering non-Psychopathic acts, they created a rift between the underground/horrorcore shit and Psychopathic Records/juggalos. This led to a witch-hunt of sorts, Dr. Gigglez was blasted for saying “juggalo” in a song (that he spent all of 30 minutes writing and recording), for instance and the term “juggalo” was a bad word in some circles. Part of exposing artists was exposing any “juggalo” ties and there were some well respect artists that completely kept such ties a secret.

    The climate changed though. I think Psychopathic figured out they can’t possibly fill up juggalo MP3 players exclusively by themselves, so they seemed to warm towards some non-Psychopathic acts. You even saw some acts like Tech N9ne and King Gordy openly refference juggalos without any apparent hostility on either side. Finally, you had something like Tunnel Runners, which pretty much exclusively featured underground acts (including Rydas Records alumni Claas and Jason Porter). I think this healed any festering wounds in that regard.

    So, it’s in this climate that someone like Jokerr comes along. Obviously talented, and most importantly he has some serious backing. Sites all professionally done, production is stellar… this isn’t just some kid on a computer mic. The thing is, it’s almost as though his gimmick/style overcomes what it otherwise a very well done and well presented product. I listen to his music and I get a sense of deja vu. Heck, for all I know it might be because I heard his shit in a previous incarnation but more likely it’s just that his presentation is so similar to Psychopathic that it doesn’t sound as original as it could be. He’s obviously working to play it up though, hints at the Dark Carnival, asking the rhetorical question “Is the Joker a juggalo?”. It’s almost a Psychopathic or bust strategy to me though. He’s not showing the independence or originality of a Tech N9ne, he’s pretty much going after the juggalo audience.

    Then again, you could just listen to the music and decide if you like it or not…

  2. Spl!tf@ce
    Posted May 31, 2010 at 10:24 pm Permalink

    what would be a very interesting angle that i thought would be amaizing… what if the kings were psychopathic them selves and since he couldnt get on the lable it seemed he was casted in a dungeon and since he has found a guy who could seriously promote him the right, be like… ok heres my story. i dont know, ill buy his album just to see whats next if he dont make the impressed a little bit clearer ill drop him like a turd from my anus.

    im really glad to be speaking with people who accually appreaciate music again. it seems to be harder and harder to find this as of late and i blame it on i tunes and lime wire… digital music isnt not as personal as accually hold the music in your hands and getting the album from the store… but thats my opinion

  3. Posted June 1, 2010 at 6:40 am Permalink

    I always felt like it was really important to put out a great product. I mean that in every sense, great artwork, plenty of music, may be a DVD, autographs, alternate covers, etc… you want to do everything you can to make that CD someone has something special. Of course that’s incredibly difficult in the underground because you are perpetually low on resources. Back in the day some vinyl releases went all out, with posters and all kinds of stuff that really made you feel like you had something special. Then CDs came along and the packaging got more sparse, they were releasing 40 minutes of music on a CD that cost a buck to make and charging $20. The eventual backlash was somewhat predictable. The industry has to refocus themselves but who knows, music might lose the album as we know it altogether…

    At least we have some decent artists in here (Ralph AKA RW AKA Geist, UncannyIowan AKA Mr. Wax and VegaX). I might invite one artist that was on Tunnel Runners, to, interestingly enough two people that were on Tunnel Runners were actually in the original Asylum.

  4. Posted May 26, 2011 at 12:45 pm Permalink

    Actually, The Jokerr doesn’t target the Juggalos. That is a group that enjoys him, but not the group he targets. He targets anybody that will listen to his Legacy. He is NOT a Juggalo, and he has mentioned it a few times. He respects the Juggalos but he is not one, nor does he target them for sales. The Jokerr is a lone wolf in the music industry, he does everything by himself. He produces his own beats, he writes his own lyrics, and he records it all on his own. He does allow assistance from others when it comes to background vocals, and live music preformance, but other than that, he is alone. I have much respect for the man, along with all underground rappers.

  5. Kaos
    Posted February 5, 2012 at 2:35 pm Permalink

    to be fair any artist that comes out with a remotely clown-like, carnival/circus gimmick (hell any number of takes on looney, killer gimmicks too) is gonna find no home in the mainstream and, when put to the underground, will inevitably be cornered as juggalo or related. Not their fault that the listeners do that, its one of the biggest underground scenes is all. Cant be helped if thats your thing. And whats wrong with targeting or just nodding towards an already established fan base? not a damn thing, its good business. Hes got skill and deserves credit regardless of how anybody might feel about the tags that WE ourselves push on him.

  6. Felix Strange
    Posted April 28, 2012 at 1:22 pm Permalink

    Here is yet another suburban rapper claiming to be superior then the rest (yawn) . The Jokerr is just that, A JOKE! This Skinny Jeans clad World of Warcraft reject has made a career off of Violent J’ shout out on twitter . Then uses that notoriety to promote his album which consist of nothing but dis tracks filled with Fantasy RPG themes . An obvious talented rapper wasting his skills on showing the world how much of a pampered rich brat he is. If this is the future of the Underground , EMO – World of the Warcraft kids bitching about how much better they are then the rest , then thank god Im old – school

  7. Posted May 2, 2012 at 2:26 pm Permalink

    First, let’s be clear on something. ICP is the sun in which an entire sub-genre of hip-hop orbits around. Their total worldwide sales are around 10 million, and strictly as independent artists they have sold over two million albums. The irony is that album sales are just one aspect. An ICP fan might spend over twice as much on merch as they do on albums. So, if you look at the dark side of hip-hop, it’s clear who the central figures are. To be involved in this sub-genre, and act as though the elephant isn’t in the room is a little like an early hip-hop artist acting as though they never heard of the Sugarhill Gang.

    I don’t listen to music much, so I haven’t listened much to The Jokerr, but let’s consider what I got from first glance. Thematically, he entered into similar territory as ICP. Coincidentally, he’s white. He wears makeup… ok, yeah those a big coincidences considering you could round up 100 rappers and unless a self proclaimed juggalo is in the mix you’re unlikely to find that combination. But, from what I listened to, he was stylistically similar to ICP.

    Now, he’s definitely got a medieval faire quality going on, but then again ICP mentions the Dark Carnival over and over so, I’m not sure who gets the most nerd points in that regard. As far as that goes though, hip-hop has gone soft. ICP was always a laughing stock, but they embraced it fully. I don’t see any other way of responding to The Jokerr’s gimmick without thinking it was an attempt to break out of the box that most talented, but unknown rappers find themselves in. The hostility for juggalo rappers is more telling than anything else, I’ve seen numerous closet juggalos try that to cover their tracks.

    It’s a waste to me though. There was no need for his gimmick to be that over the top, there was no need to go that far into the whole cosplay, nerdy outcast, Assassin’s Creed (by the way I saw someone trying to sell a Altair costume on craigslist, he might want) thing. In terms of ability he’s better than ICP. His level of polish and professionalism is stellar. I have been eternally frustrated by the half-assed nature of a lot of artists. They might do something well and then find a way to screw it up by doing something else half-assed.

    He’s just so damn silly (another ICP similarity) and there’s a lot of immaturity. He’s kind of funny, but it’s like trying to watch a kids show with good writing. Even if you enjoy aspects of it, there’s no getting over the fact that it’s for little damn kids! If this guy had just dialed things back a little, had he taken a more subtle, less literal approach I think I’d be placing him up there with the elites. I’m amazed and somewhat perplexed by his level of quality. This guy puts out a diss track (which by the way, a guy in a jester’s outfit has a lot of trouble pulling off) with a video that outdoes 99% of the videos put out within the sub-genre. It seems like a monumental waste, but I’m too lazy to look into things further. I’m tempted to try and contact the guy just to try to figure out what his angle really is to be honest.

  8. Posted July 6, 2012 at 4:04 pm Permalink

    The Jokerr is a talented dude but he’s wasted his time with trying to one up cats like Grewsum and pretend he’s not a complete bite of Tech N9ne and ICP so no one really gives a shit in the end if he exists or not. He could quit tomorrow and no one would care. That could be said about a lot of us, but if the kid would just focus his skills on making bigger moves instead of crying about Hopsin or Grewsum or trolling in general, he could be something.

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