Guerrilla Alliance (Vega-X + Macabean) Guerrilla Warfare

I just got my hands on Guerilla Warfare and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the album. For those of you who don’t know, Guerilla Warfare is a album by Guerrilla Alliance and it features Vega-X. Vega-X and I go back a long way. He was what I would consider a part of the extended Rydas Records family and this is further evidenced by his thanking former RR artists Chaoz and Mr. Wax on the liner notes. Vega-X is truly a dedicated member of the underground scene.

If the group’s name, or the album’s name doesn’t give away the subject matter, the artwork clarifies that and reflects a raw quality as well. Che, Obama, and Mussolini all adorn the cover. This is conspiratorial rap, you are entering the world of the revolutionary and the world of David Icke. I would describe the style as raw east coast hip-hop. If one has to compare the style and content to another group, Non Phixion comes to mind. These are not catchy tunes with memorable hooks, or rappers talking about sex, money and drugs. These are lyric driven raps interspersed with clips from the likes of Chris Matthews and you will have to listen closely to take it all in. Macabean raps with a smooth, laid back style and Vega-X raps with a emphatic almost angry style. They compliment each other, I assure you, you won’t have trouble telling the two apart, but they both stay true to the style of theme of the album.

This is a feature heavy album as 8 of the 14 listed tracks are featuring other artists. This brings in a variety that keeps the relentless rhymes from becoming overwhelming. Let me reiterate though, if you’re the type that finds yourself dancing to the latest top 40 hits, you might want to steer clear of this album. If you wonder if androids dream of electric sheep, if you find figures like Tesla to be captivating, if you question authority, and common perceptions of reality; and you want your music to as well, this might be for you. Shrink wrapped, bar coded, replicated; in a world rules by iTunes this album is a quality product. I suggest you head over to the Guerilla Alliance Myspace page and see if you like what you hear. If you do like what you hear, then can head over to CDBaby and pick up the album.

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