Guerrilla Alliance: Guerrilla Warfare out on itunes and cdbaby + more

For those unfamiliar with Vega X he was an “artist in development” on RR until 2008 when he founded Planet X Records with Macabean the Rebel of Guerrilla Alliance.
“Guerrilla Warfare” features Armageddon of Terror Squad, Shabazz the Disciple of Sunz of Man, The Holocaust of Wu Tang Killa beez and more PXR and local Boston artists. G.A. 2 coming 2011!

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    Pursuant to my one free edit policy, I made the links clickable. This is fairly easy to do, in visual mode you highlight the link you want to make then click the chain icon (then you just have to put in the URL).

    RR development was one of the many things I could have handled better. It wasn’t that the artists weren’t good enough for Rydas it was more than the timing was off or it just didn’t seem like a good fit at the time. I never publically commented on it because I never wanted to give the impression that they were second class members of Rydas but people that were in development included ClaAs, Skeptik (Damian StillBorn) and Madstyles.

    I always viewed things in a broader perspective and viewed you guys as part of the extended Rydas family. A good example of what I should have/wished I had encouraged more was shit like Madstyles “Dangerous By Design”. If featured RR artist “family and friends”: Dkaid, TBMA, Jason Porter, Geist, Bloodshot, ClaAs, VegaX and Mr. Wax. Heck that’s three people that are in the Asylum and I wasn’t directly involved in it at all, it just kind of grew out of the environment.

    Dangerous By Design almost introduced me to Karrtoon who I suggested for Geist’s “Shut It Down” which also featured Geist, Dkaid, Bloodshot and Menacide. I wish we could have kept shit like that up more…

    Anyway, that’s a hell of a feature list man, very impressive and if people want that raw east coast shit that should check it out for sure.

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