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WTF?!?  Do cities really think that people are fooled into believing that the poor economy is to blame for the layoff of public servants nationwide?

“We just hired 5 (10, 7, 2) and because of the economy we have to cut our workforce and layoff ALL OF THE PEOPLE WE HIRED LESS THAN A YEAR AGO!  Trust us, it’s not poor management.”  Keep being uninformed and voting for total fucking toolbags on the take.  ”We had no idea that we were three million in the hole.”  ”VOTE FOR ME!”

The best part is they tell me that if a millage passes, that my job MAY be saved (NO PROMISES!) yet I am encouraged to spend my free time bothering people, asking them to vote yes on the millage.  People who HATE me, simply because of the job I do.  Meanwhile the CARING mayor refuses to take a pay cut or return his “company” car.  I, the soon-to-be-unemployed, am expected to go out during my free time to bother residents of a city, whose Mayor has lied over and over about the financial status of the city, to ask for MORE money so I can keep my job.  The job that I do that they HATE!  Sounds awesome.  I’ll get RIGHT on that!

Have you ever gone to college and worked really hard to get a job?  A job where you got more than one offer, in more than one state?  Have you ever turned down jobs in a bad economy and continued to do so up until this very month?  Have any of those things happened to you and THEN you got laid off?  Of course not, because THAT’S FUCKING RIDICULOUS!

Welcome to my life.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Posted June 9, 2010 at 4:26 am Permalink

    There are a few things governments pretty much have to run. Military and judicial powers are on the realm of the government. Unfortunately, all aspects of the government are full of waste, bad choices, and the like. Hiring people you can not possibly continue to pay sounds about par for the course. I like this article about government waste: How to Find and Eliminate Wasted State Money. It has a tree that starts with “Should the government do this”. Surely hiring new people while faced with a budget crisis doesn’t meet the simple criteria.

    I heard something a while back about police officers retiring, at a relatively young age, with pensions that actually exceeded the amount they were ever making as police officers! How do you even do that? Along those lines, the story reported that police officers were allowed to work privately (good), but somehow while working privately it was counted as overtime hours and still covered by benefits, etc… You want to work on your own time privately, great! However, it obviously should be on the dime of the private employer, not the taxpayer. Of course this ends up hurting the police officers that didn’t take advantage of these types of things, the money still has to be paid.

    The sad thing is, that the realm of the public employee is one that rewards gaming the system. Honest, hard working, and ethical? The system is likely to fail you. Back door dealing? Gaming the system? Quid pro quo? The system just might work for you! I remember walking door to door with a politician and handing out fliers. My dad was a public employee. My dad wanted a raise. So, after some lobbying he got a couple politicians to sponsor a bill. We then ended up helping a corrupt politician get in office (apparently a friend of one co-sponsor), and we then helped the other co-sponsor’s wife launch her political career. All this for a raise. How about this, how about the novel idea that you get a raise if you’re worth it and you don’t if you are not? How about doing things on the merits alone? Sadly, the government doesn’t work like that.

    On a more personal level, sorry about the trouble…

  2. Chaos
    Posted June 9, 2010 at 9:09 pm Permalink

    I’m sorry… I would hire you as my bodyguard if I needed one…

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