Fish Sticks – Fischstäbchen

Fishsticks, also known as fish fingers, are a processed food made using a whitefish such as cod which have been battered or breaded. They are then baked in the oven or deep-fried. They are commonly available in the frozen food section of supermarkets, and on children’s menus in family-oriented restaurants.

That’s what we can learn about them on Wikipedia – Fish finger.

Every kid knows them, and every kid loves them (even the ones who don’t like fish).  Astonishingly enough, most don’t know what they are made of.  One in ten schoolchildren in England even think that they come from the “finger fish”. 

The London Sea Life Aquarium put this theory to the test and added “finger fish” to the waters following the survey which found that one in 10 children think a fish finger is a real fish.

“We’ve had a lot of fun watching people trying to decide whether our fishy fish really were the source of their frozen tea time favourite but the reasons behind the joke are deadly serious. Believing there really is a fish finger fish is laughable stuff, but unless we all become more ‘marine aware’ the future of our vulnerable oceans is in question.”

You can read the whole story on the Telegraph here.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is limited to British children.  Even though it’s real easy to see that the fish in the aquarium were fake: There’s no ketchup!

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