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Other Sites

  • Adult Swim
    As a teenager I imagined how awesome it would be if there was a network just for adult oriented cartoons.
  • Drudge Report
    One of the most informative sites on the internet.
  • Jesus and Mo
    Irreverent and funny. Drawing pictures beats the heck out of killing people.
    OtterVomit’s corner of the internet.

Rydas Related Realms

  • Free Speech?
    The only reason I’ve left this there is to piss off Pakistan. It sucks horribly as a website.
  • Jason Porter @ Myspace
    Billboard charting artist and producer.
  • McNastee
    One of the first and most influential Rydas Records artists.
  • RalphWatson.TV
    The Asylum’s very own RW. You might also know him as Geist from when Rydas Records was around.
  • Rydas.Com
    Abandoned for now, but I’ll do something with it sooner or later.
  • Store @ RydasRecords.Com
    Rydas Records doesn’t exist anymore as a label, but some CDs are still in stock.
  • T.O.N.E-z @ Myspace
    Emmy nominated artist T.O.N.E-z. I’ll leave the description at that for now.
  • Worm Quartet
    Another former Rydas Records artist and former member of The Asylum. Worm Quartet AKA Shoebox AKA Vanilla Ice Stole My Gum. A popular mainstay on the Dr. Demento show.