Dear dumbasses

A job is not a human right. This means anything pertaining to unions, and the like can not possibly have an impact on your human rights (unless they compel you to work against your will). As long as you have a right not to work, your human rights are not being infringed upon. The employer should always have a right to hire who they see fit and to compensate them as they see fit. To tell the employer otherwise is infringing on their right.

So, to be clear…
Right of the employee: The choice of whether or not to work and who you choose to work for.
Right of the employer: The choice of how to compensate the employee and who you chose to hire.

So, if the voters are your bosses is it most certainly their god damned right to determine what your compensation is or how it is determined, so shut the fuck up and sit down! Or, better yet get a job in the private sector you leeches!

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