Cravin’ it

I kinda wanted to try it for a long time, but I was scared, too. I’d heard a lot of stuff about it- some people said it was the best thing, but I’d also heard some folks say it was bad for you. So I built up my nerve, one day, and tried it. It was kinda of…different. It tasted like nothing I’d ever tried, and my stomach felt kinda-scared, I guess, is the only way I could describe it, after I’d eaten it. But I wanted to try it again, at least, eventually. Well, I tried it off and on, here and there, when the mood hit me. I enjoyed it more sometimes than others, but it grew on me. After I while, it really got to me. I even started trying all kinds of far-out stuff. I had to fight to not hurl once or twice, when I hit a really sickening mouthful. I finally leveled out, with a few regulars that I really enjoyed. It’s an addiction, I tell you. Not like other cravings. Screw alcohol, and just about anything else. You start jonesing for sushi, and you’ve just got to get some.

Anyway, I was in the mood for some after class tonight. There is this place called Haru Ichiban- I know, it sounds like a beer. I went there, and yay, verily, it was good. Very good. The proprietor seemed really cool, very nice. I mean genuinely nice, not just a “nice ‘cuz your a customer” type of nice. I decided I wanted to give them something to celebrate their opening, and wish them luck. So, I composed this verse on the way home:

Though the rains fall
Tears melt
In the sea of kindness

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