CoUrTnEy is ahead of Drudge

CoUrTnEy graces us with her smartassedness and insight and we are grateful for it. She runs an awesome blog after at GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD and quite frankly you should be spending your time there instead of here. Also, unlike Obnoxio she’s not quitting! Anyway, CoUrTnEy posted about Stuxnet and I found it rather interesting, especially since the plant that Chaos works at had a virus spread through USB sticks as well.

The other thing that was interested is that yet again CoUrTnEy was ahead of a lot of the media. A few days after her post, it was reported that it did hit the Iran nuclear factory and was the lead Drudge story. I also heard Foxnews report about it yesterday. So, there you have it folks. CoUrTnEy kicks ass.

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