Coming to America

I’m setting off in a few hours for Chicago via Paris… I can’t wait to get there. I love seeing new places but HATE the journey. One day teleportation will be real and these trips will be easy! I’m shooting a video in Chicago before going onto LA and then onto Vegas for 3 nights before hitting San Diego and TJ, Mexico. I have done a similar trip before and at every step; was impressed and in awe of the sheer scale and magnitude of everything. I’ll no doubt be tweeting pictures from the trip; my twitter is HERE and I’ll hopefully post up some GeoTagged images from the shoot – viewable at
OK, best wishes to all and if you see a bald Englishman walking by, be sure to say hi

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  1. Posted July 22, 2010 at 10:42 pm Permalink

    I’m amused that my Obama doesn’t like America post comes up as related, that’s ironic…

    I hope you have a awesome trip man. I agree about hating the journey, I usually end up lacking decent rest, nutrition, and worst of all a shower for around 24 hours. I hate international travel and it’s worse if you have to go through the labyrinth that is the Frankfurt airport.

    All the way to the west coast though man, that’s going to be quite a lot of traveling. Next trip you need to visit the southeast…

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