Comedy beats all…

Comedy has long been a tool to break barriers and heal wounds. In America, the early black stand-up comics used their platform as a way to diffuse hatred and shatter stereotypes (or poke fun at the stereotypes usually).

Britain has an issue with militant Islam. A lot of terrorist activity has roots in England and very often from Muslims born in the U.K. Once again, we see comedy taking a stab at diffusing the obvious barrier and lack of discourse; two new British films are paving the way for apparently more in the same vein. One of which is ‘Infidel’; about a devout Muslim who finds out that he was adopted at birth and is actually Jewish. The other is a small budget film called ‘Four Lions’ – a play on words, no doubt, with reference to the England football team’s logo of three lions. It’s been getting rave reviews and it could set the tone for a new era in the media’s involvement with Islamic terrorism.

See the full and official trailer here:

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  1. Posted May 13, 2010 at 9:22 pm Permalink

    The trailer had me laughing… nice embedding of the youtube video by the way, you got the nice width and border and all that.

    Anyway, I heard about this movie. Controversial for a few reasons (might piss off Islamists, some say it makes light of terrorism), but I say it’s good to engage the issue. As you know, I will not back down on certain issues, however this doesn’t mean I hate all Muslims and I certainly have no problem with people of middle eastern decent. Honestly, we need to desensitize a lot of Muslims, they are so touchy and grow up in a such a rigid society that they have to learn to accept the western way of life, which is amongst other things making fun of each other.

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