College football time!

Here in the southern part of the United States we really don’t have much to look forward besides college football season. For example, Alabama and Mississippi have a grand total of 0 NFL, MLB, or NBA teams. So, college football is it when it comes to big time sports. Besides that, in the case of Alabama it’s all the state is good at really (Mississippi isn’t even good at that). So, once college football season starts we temporarily have a reason to live.

Having said that, most of the world thinks of a round ball when they hear the word football, and unless you’re the type to take your shirt off in freezing weather or paint yourself your team colors, the goings on of college football are probably boring to you. I can comment that USC’s defense looked like a WAC defense or that UNC’s chances of beating LSU have gone to hell and people would probably ask me where the pictures of cute animals are. However, tomorrow Alabama plays and you (my imaginative audience) all can go to hell.

The only remotely interesting thing I can think of is how damned illiterate we are in Alabama. It’s not our fault, they just don’t learn us right. Apparently, we can’t even spell our neighbor’s name, we seem to think it’s Mississippi. It’s not our fault they only know four letters and thought repeating them over and over would make a good name. So, when we print our tickets, we decide we’re playing “Mississipi State.

Being Alabamians, we were not upset by others telling us we spelled Mississipi’s name wrong. Football is never wrong. So, just in case anyone thought we were in error, we’ve made t-shirts to help clarify the issue.

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