Book Throwing

Oh! It’s true bay bee!

The ancient concept of printed page bound and spined can serve tons of uses.

Like reminding a certain World Leader to develop steel shanks for a spine.

Hot! unverified gossip deets that the recent book chucking incident involving 44 featured an incredibly essential tome for any serious thinkers library.

“This Time We Win” by daemoneoconically delishful delight Dr James S Robbins about the Tet Offensives swings both ways – not only offering the best historical analysis about the ancient Viet Cong and NVA New Year Offensive – yet it is also fully crunk with much needed spiritual lessons about AFPAK.

All the cool kids know 44 secretly wishes to hop on the Afghanistan UnAssing Consortium train (kindred spirits indeed – all academics, wishful journalists, lazy defeatists and nary a uniform in sight) thus throwing “This Time We Win” at 44 serves a higher purpose than oh, say, rowdy foreigners chucking shoes at 43.

Perhaps book chucking is the Great Satan version of Arabic shoe throwing?

Pic “Get your copy of “This Time We Win” today!” with the research staff from GrEaT sAtAn”s gIrLfRiEnD

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