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GZM Beer Summit

Three Cordoba Lights please!

Alas, the old “Shut Up!, he explained” manuever ala Weenie Hut Juniors totally fails to get a handle on the Ground Zero You Know What, and the amazing insensitivity of certain HAMAS fanboys to tolerate anything except their own intolerant views seems awful suspect.

Perhaps, it’s time to tie one on (tore up
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Unconventional Weaponry LXIX

Oh the humanity!

Palestine’s Holocaust Of The Week – created by Little Satan – revolves around the 7th century concept of ‘honor” (note – ‘honor’ in a crunk and disorderly hood like Arab League seems to lie betwixt a grrl’s legs).

Rowdy suspect rejectionist, intolerant Palestinians have been phot’d en flagrente (spiritually please) in a helpless,
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Hot sticky gossip ala FoPo Online in the Iview with Def Sec Gates.

Surprisingly good Iview – considering the questioner Dr F. Kaplan’s penchant for Great Satan hating.

Sec Gates admits he’ll hang til we all “know whether the strategy is working in Afghanistan”
He also brought up 2012 Electile Dysfunction:
“…The point of all of that is
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Unconventional Weaponry #69

Oh Snap!

“…Taste It Bite It Chew it Pop It Lick It Smack It Move It Drop It Crack It Snap It
You know you want my bubblegum!”
It’s true y’all – that wild wicked Little Satan has scored an incredible break through in advanced Weapons Tech.
Sexed up bubble gum!
Deploying the weapon in the Strip – HAMAS
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The Scuds Of Hiz’B'Allah

Oh Snap! Conflicting signals of conflict are conflicting the ME. Hot! gossip that Little Satan’s spy drones have been co opted for Hiz’B’Allah benefit is just the tip of the tongue bay bee!

Little Satan’s “…strategic planners paint a future for the Middle East as one that is shifting rapidly as a result of the
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Palestine’s Panty Police

Help keep Palestinian shame and honor betwixt a girl’s legs, instead of where it really belongs…

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New Clear Piggy Ciggy

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!
The totally Gay Free Persia Preacher Command’s ever watchful watching watchers spied global hegemonic chicanery ala Great Satan from a kilometer away!
It’s true – Cigarettes made with pig blood and new clear droppings!
Busted for sneaking in 20 billion ciggy puffs -’taminated with porcine hemoglobin and irradiated with especial nuke
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Any AFPAK conversation with the feebleminded, easily discouraged or the outright “Defeat At Any Cost” Retreat Loser Lobby often mentions Viet Nam.

Doofus grande’ at best or out right deceit at worst – truth is – AFPAK was never Vietnam and never will be.

More than 58,000 soldiers had died in Vietnam by the time the
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Weenie Hut Juniors

For the un discom – SpongeBob – ulated, there is an especial place in Bikini Bottom called “Weenie Hut Jr’s” where “…nerds and little babies…” can hang out and discuss events of the day.

Who would have ever thought the real world has a real live “Weenie Hut Juniors?!”

Pic – “It’s not cool to mock the
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Drones Gone Wild! The Box Set

For Great Satan fans – it’s always a treat to learn about those hottie naughty airborn intelligent weapon thingys that deliver agony, death and misery precisely onto the heads of our intolerant, girl fearing, head chopping creepy enemies.
Lucky enough to own the Drones Gone Wild! Remix?

Hold up bay bee!
CFR blangs the bling with a
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