All hail the Nimrods!

A few years back there was a series of ESPN commercials about the “Nimrods”. A school in Watersmeet, Michigan is nicknamed the “Nimrods”. ESPN’’s commercials said “Without sports, who would cheer for the Nimrods?“. The Nimrods ended up doing fairly well, yes we were all poking fun at them for their bizarre name, but they made $35,000 in merchandise sales and ended up with a Sundance Channel documentary. Not too bad for a group of Nimrods.

A lot of people want to play down what the name Nimrod means. For instance, this USA today article says Webster refers to a nimrod as a hunter. Well, here’s another definition: “A person regarded as silly, foolish, or stupid.“. The origin of the name is Biblical, but the whole “mighty hunter” thing isn’t all that Nimrod’s name evokes. Nimrod is both credited with the Tower of Babel and with marrying his mother (Semiramis). So, when you say that calling someone a nimrod is calling them a dumb ass, that might be the nicer way of putting it.

Nevertheless, Nimrod’s just keep popping up (no, I’m not talking about politicians). Nimrod Tishman played one year for the University of Florida, unfortunately though, he left to play basketball in Israel. My disappointment was allayed when I heard the name of the director for the new Predators movie; Nimród Antal. I don’t know if the movie is any good, but you have to love the name. On the subject of funny names, I saw a commercial for advertising on cable TV. The person telling me how great buying advertising on cable would be was named Hope Seller.

Nimrod Song

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