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Sometimes in this world, something comes along that the commonfolk cannot explain. Something that steps so far out of the realm of ‘normal’ that not only is it feared, but it is locked away. Locked away in places where the mundane does not exist. You are about to enter one such area. The entities dwelling in this area come from all walks of life. They all come from different backgrounds, have different beliefs, different colors, etc. Yet, they all have been thrown together in a place mortals call ‘The Asylum.’
- OtterVomit

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This is how dictators come to power

I was looking at this picture and reading the caption when I thought “This is how dictator’s come to power”. One can analyze the arrogance he demonstrated in messing with the presidential seal. Changing the lettering and imagery represent a focus on appearances and a disrespect for the office. However, I can’t use this image as a basis for my point, it just served as a reminder to me.

I don’t think Obama is going to become a dictator. Fortunately America has enough checks and balances (and common sense, I hope) to avoid that type of situation. However, his ascension does serve as a example of how potentially dangerous people can rise to power. I have some faith in the people of the world, both past and present. They wouldn’t really wish most dictators on themselves. Be it Hitler or Hugo Chavez I think they’d probably try for a redo if they had the chance. How is it that things like this can happen? A big part of the problem lies in meaningless qualities such as charisma or appearances. People ask how the German people allowed Hitler to rise to power. Well, they didn’t know what he had in mind.

How is it that people are tricked into letting a tyrant gain power? Well, let’s look at a common theme of Obama’s campaign: Hope. People hope for a better life and since happiness is relative, even a well off American can feel as unhappy as a post WW1 German or a poverty stricken Venezuelan. So, when someone comes along and offers hope, the masses eat it up. I can hope good things happen, but the act of hope alone will not do anything to help my cause. Hope is something that leaders can offer in abundance to the displeased masses and in and of itself it isn’t a bad thing… provided they actually give people something tangible to hope for.

If you have a hopeful message you need to know who to target and how to target them. This is when things like charisma come into play. Eloquence and being a commanding speaker are very important. It doesn’t have to be delivered in the same manner, Hitler could give a rousing speech that evoked thoughts of strength and power while Obama’s speeches might be more reminiscent of a puppy rolling over on it’s belly. The key is that they are playing to their audience. Dictator’s love being the center of the attention and it takes a unique person to be able to command that attention.

If people are unhappy and you have the charisma to reach them you then gain other advantages. They want change and while things can get worse they are slow to realize how much worse they can get. Another advantage is that you can deflect criticism and avoid the issues if you wish. Obama for instance could give a speech about race in defense is his pastor’s anti-American rants and somehow that went over. Only charismatic people can pull that off and only people unhappy with how thing are could possibly stomach such obvious bullshit.

You can keep the wool over everyone’s eye until it is too late. Speak of hope, deflect criticism and keep them focused on appearances and happy thoughts while you dance around what you really have in mind. Don’t get me wrong you’ll have trouble finding any politician that doesn’t show his hand but the most dangerous politicians are the ones that keep the focus on something other than what they will do once they gain power. They prefer speeches over debates. They might feel more at home behind a podium than with important legislation in hand. This also can represent one of the threats of these types of politicians. They can rise to power without knowing what they are doing! They might have evil ambitions or they might be bumbling fools, they’ve managed to obscure things enough that it becomes impossible for anyone to tell for sure.

When Obama backs out of debates and shows a preference to speeches one has to ask them self what is going on. If his message is more than a lot of hope and rhetoric, why does he want to make speeches instead of discussing the actual issues? The public and the media are doing themselves a disservice as well. Obama is given the benefit of a doubt, he faces little scrutiny and they would rather discuss how he’s doing in the polls than the fact that his pastor for 20 years has been preaching a message of hate. They would prefer to heap praise on Obama than give him the scrutiny that a presidential candidate deserves.

Who is Barack Hussein Obama Jr.? He was born in Hawaii to Barack Hussein Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham. Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Kenyan and from a Islamic family. He left Barack Jr. when he was only two and one would assume/hope he had a limited amount of influence on Barack Jr. In either case, Barack Sr. leanings toward a communist leader in Kenya put him in opposition of the pro-Western leader and eventually destroyed his career. While we can hope his father had very little influence the keys here are communist and anti-western. His mother has been described as a liberal, feminist and agnostic (or even atheist). Obama says this about his mother: “the dominant figure in my formative years… The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics.”. Obama’s mother married again in 1967 and moved to Indonesia. Her husband, Lolo Soetoro was a Muslim. I can’t find much on Lolo, even the extent of his belief in Islam seems to be in question (from radical Muslim to eating pork). In either case, Lolo was a Muslim and Obama did spend the next four years living in Indonesia. According to Obama he spent two years in a Muslim school while in Indonesia. Technically, this would be a “Madrassa” which is the Arabic word for school. However, it doesn’t seem clear how radical the Islamic teachings of the school were or weren’t. When Obama was ten he moved back to Hawaii. His mother moved back and forth between Indonesia a few times, finally returning to Hawaii in 1994 and dying there in 1995.

Barak Jr. finally arrived on the mainland after he graduated high school in 1979. He met his wife when she was assigned to mentor him. Michelle Obama has managed to avoid a lot of scrutiny, however her comments about America have helped define her: “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” followed by “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.“. I could go into greater detail about Barack, but suffice it to say he’s been rated as one of, if not the most liberal senators. Also, his long term pastor’s hateful speech needn’t be repeated here.

There’s much to learn about Obama and much that can be assumed. I say he’s a Marxist and then I find out that he has not one, but two people instrumental in getting Elian Gonzalez sent back to Cuba working for him. You see a Cuban flag with Che Guerrero on it hanging on his supporters wall and wonder just how far left he really is. I tell my niece that Obama doesn’t like America, then his wife and pastor’s comments come to light. What do we really have on our hands? A former smoker with a Kenyan for a father, a Indonesian Muslim for a step-father and a couple of years of Islamic teaching under his belt. Someone who lived outside of America for four years and didn’t live in mainland America at all until the onset of adulthood. His mother appears to have been so liberal that she preferred living outside of America and marrying non-Americans. His wife appears to dislike America entirely. His pastor for two decades appears to have been spewing hatred for years. How can be anticipate anything good to come out of such a concoction? We don’t see any pro-American influences in there. We don’t see anything other than left leaning politics. Yet, we are to believe that Obama offers something hopeful? People say they will take Obama at his word when he says he wants to reach across the isle despite the fact that never seems to have done that in his political or personal life?

The real threat that Obama poses is we can’t tell how how far he would go. We can question his allegiance to America by the simple fact that he refused to put his hand over his heart. We can’t really tell what the limit could be. To what extent would he undermine America’s strength and prominence? Does he merely wish to prostrate us before the world’s poor? Or does he have more menacing intentions? Unfortunately, like the rise of a dictator we might not be able to tell what exactly he would do until he completes his rise to power.

To the people saying things like “We’ll take him at his word”, I say at least look at his actions and at who he’s associated with. To those who are thinking things can’t get any worse, take a look around. Consider his Marxist leanings and his ties to communist sympathizers, then look at look at Cuba. Think about his borrowing of the illegal immigrant chant (Yes we can or si si puede.. and yes Obama has chanted the Spanish incarnation at rallies) then take a peak at Mexico. Heck, while you are at it look at Indonesia. Yes, things can get worse… I just don’t want to hear anyone asking “how did this happen” later on.

(Please note that I collected the above information from what I consider to be reliable sources. However, since much of the information we know about Obama seems to come from his own books it’s hard to find objective sources. I have attempted to leave out the more extreme/unverified accusations directed towards Obama)

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